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Rhinns of Kells

PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 2:32 am
by dunrig
I injured myself at the start of winter & its been downhill ever since. Never managed to get my big boots on, as perfect conditions hit in april work and family commitments kept me off the hills, its a balancing act that I hoped would get easier as the years go by - afraid not.

Enough already, missed by the munrobaggers as they head north the Galloway hills are special, all those oldtimers tramping in from Dalmellington station, Alex Harvey drunk & belting out 'an I'll gang oot o'er the hills tae Gallowa' , you've never lived till you've camped by the beach at Loch Enoch...

Got the bus on saturday to St John's Town of Dalry (I love the pilgrim soul in you) and used the S.U W to walk in to Meikle Millyea. By the time I left the village it was 3pm, birds were singing and sun was out, I planned a bit of nightwalking, by 8pm I was on Corserine & had put on all my clothes & still felt cold, decided to give nightwalking a miss. Dropped down off the ridge into a corrie to pitch my lightweight tent out of the wind. At 2am it was windy & raining, against the wind I was holding on to my walking pole which was holding up my tent, a battle of strength I don't really have the heart for. Held out till 6am, less windy it was raining and clag was down, for conventions sake went over Carlin's Cairn but the thought of a bar lunch in Dalry was calling me back, ah well Carsphairn & on to New Cumnock another time.

Walked out through a steaming forest as sun briefly came out. The bar lunch was excellent and had a relaxing camp by the river Ken, caught early bus out in the morning. Just by the way St John's Town of Dalry was on a pilgrim route, thus the name...
river ken
meikle millyea
that contradiction- a boggy desert
some drystane dyke
forward to corserine
on the way
out of the wind i thought
steaming forest -next day on walk out
lunch this way
peaceful camp
view from tent

Re: Rhinns of Kells

PostPosted: Wed May 01, 2013 2:16 pm
by dooterbang
I ventured down these parts few months back and experienced whiteout conditions for most of it.

Hope your injury has healed and you can get the big boots on this winter...which starts in July :lol: