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A very wet and windy circular walk in Peebles area

PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2013 9:32 pm
by Pedro2703
:crazy: set off at 1030 hrs from Glen Road in Peebles with rain falling quite lightly. First mistake, not to put waterproof trousers on at the start as 'it looks like its clearing up' ! As we gained height towards Kalzie hill and on to Kirkhope the wind was fierce and the rain was driving. Everything below the waist was now soaked. As we headed up to Birkscairn and Dun Rig the ground conditions were very boggy and the weather was worsening with the wind cutting through us. Second mistake, we should have put our gloves on much earlier. At the top of Dun Rig (2 hrs in) hands were so numb that struggled to get the gloves on. The terrain was very boggy and wind and rain just kept on coming. We just kept pushing on as it was so wet and wind to want to stop.
Passed a group meandering up the hill with jeans on and light jackets, they must have been cold.
We rounded to top of the valley at the head of Hastoun burn and after a bit took the spur out to pick up another hill and it was a bit of a long walk out and back to the main track. The weather broke slightly and the rain eased as we headed back over Hundleshope hill and e neutrally back via Hastoun estate.
All in all a great walk but very wet and cold for May.