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5th Munro, 1st post!

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2013 8:24 am
by wobegrobe
Hi Everyone!

Here goes the first post for us! We have previously climbed 4 Munros but have only just got round to posting now after using the website for some invaluable information!

We drove in from Aberdeen and got to the Linn O Dee carpark at about 10.30am. By the time we got the gear on and got the bikes set up it was about 10.45am that we left. As advised, we left the bikes at Glen Derry Lodge and continued on foot from there. Our first error was that we missed the cut off to go to Beinn Bhreac!!! :? We were like 'o well, we will get it on the way back!' The walk to Beinn a'Chaorainn was pretty long and after 4 hours in, we eventually reached the summit! We had a wee toast to friendship and the mountains before grabbing a quick bite to eat. We had noticed the black clouds looming in the distance and decided to hastily retreat - hoping to move on to Beinn Bhreac. Unfortuantley, the clouds were soon upon us and it started snowing. Being novices to this hill-walking malark, we hoofed it back down onto the path that we had just came (I think we have watched too much bear grylls!)

The sudden change in weather gave both of us a bit of a scare and asd much as we would have liked to see Beinn Bhreac, the weather made us stick to the path that we had come.

I found this walk really hard going - i think that is probably done to having not done any walking in the past 8 months - and the walk at the beginning is really long!

We are heading back next Sat to tackle Beinn Bhreac - and for anyone who is wondering - it is marked by small stone cairns on the footpath!! :D

Re: 5th Munro, 1st post!

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2013 8:44 am
by The Rodmiester
Well done both, quite a long haul for your fifth munro. It's a great learning curve you only get with experience. Look forward to your next report :)