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Ben Gulabin before lunch

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 2:57 pm
by Fife Flyer
Well this turned out to be a scoosh :D I had selected Ben Gulabin mainly because I knew I didn't have an awful lot of time, mainly because Mrs Flyer is heading down to Newcastle for a "Hen weekend" when she finishes her work at 3.30pm :wink: So I left Fife nice & early (ish) 7.45am & was fully expecting to get held up with folk dawdling to their work, however managed somehow to avoid the dawdlers & arrived at the Spittal at 9am. Toilet stop at the Spittal & then find the car park, another reason for being early was to get one of the few parking spaces available, so when I arrived I was kind of surprised to be able to pick pole position :wink: I reckon if folk park sensibly there is ample room for 4 cars possibly more & still room for vehicles to access via the gate if required :D

The car parking area with a bit of space behind the photographer

So once changed & ready for the off via:

The access gate

The path which is really easy going


There was a small herd of deer dining on whatever deer eat, they didn't hear/see me until I had taken a couple of long range photo's then they scarpered :shock:

Managed to disturb a few deer having breakfast

The leader of the herd heading to pastures new

After turning left at the bealach & climbing for a wee bit the summit cairn then appears :wink:

Summit cairn

That was basically it probably one of the easiest walks & absolutely no problems at all underfoot, a very good path for more 3/4 of the way up :clap:
Don't know if anyone else was out today, but it was certainly a bit breezy on top & not what we would describe as tropical :lol:
Managed to take a few scenic photo's from the summit & the area around Glenshee received a nice dusting of white stuff :D

Summit cairn - not the biggest one around

The area to the south - nae snow

Gleann Taitneach (so it says on my map)

Glas Choire Mhor looking quite spectacular

A pointy looking hill (not sure what though)

The Cairnwell (I think)

Summit with a nice background

Final one from me

So if anyone wants a 2 hour stroll to take some great photo's this is it :wink: