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Ben Alligan & The Horns

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 9:58 pm
by Fcfraser
In Love...

Wow! still elated at this clamber up a fabulous mountain that I have sat and watched from my wee "Bolt Hole" in Gairloch...

We had a late start ... due to my determination to having the "Full Scottish" which included the fabulour Aultbea Black Pudding... yummy, complete with bacon, egg and potato scone!

Car park at InverAlligan was full, so secured a place at the side of the bridge, much to the disgust of the "Bobble hat brigade" where clearly, it was ok for them (?) ..... however, lucky old me managed to secure a place in carpark as a car left..... :clap:

The path up is excellent, very well kept, up and over the deer fence, which, I have to say, last time I went up I can't remember how I got my trusty hound Troika over, I can only assume that there was a gap in the fence for him!

The views were spectacular, every time I looked back, they just got better! a big patch of snow on the final haul up, and wow!!!! looking over to Skye and beyond, personally, in recent times, looking Skye wards, had a sore feeling.....but not anymore, I could look Skye in the eye, and feel at peace.
Yup... Still snow & deep

So having "bagged" Tom na Gruagaich (Hill of the Damsel) 922m ... down we came to follow the well defined path up Sgurr Mhor ((Big Peak) (986m) .. again the views opened up all around absolutely astounding scenery.... 360 deg. views.... awesome, for want of a better word!!

Then to tackle the Horns, have to say I was a bit sceptical, not being the best "scrambler" but encouraged by my "rock chick" Robyn, I thought why not....



Technically.... a dawdle, if I can do it.... anyone can! not a real challenge, and enjoyed the challenge! The photos make it look scarier than it was !

Don't Look down Fi!...Wailing Gap!


The hill was busy, guessing because it was Bank Holiday weekend. What is it about some folks on the hill, that can't even say hello? a certain age group, usually wearing a certain type of hat, but really..... it costs nothing to say hello! (mini rant! :( )

I wasn't prepared for the descent off the horns, having done the walk clockwise.... maybe I should have studied the various books, blogs and maps more thoroughly, it was a long slow clamber down over the rocks, not difficult, just hard on tired legs, with a knee that was fed up of bending and stretching, and frankly? in a mood!! (yeah .... a moody knee :D )



The last downward stretch... off the horns

Once down off the hard stuff, a wander back through the well maintained path, beautiful waterfalls, and quite frankly the most fantastic new bridge ever seen on a hillside! wow!! what did that cost? I would have been gutted to have to pick my way over the water at that point.... would happily have paid to cross that wee beauty!!

Back at the car.... only two cars left..... just the way I like it..... Love, Hermit, Fi

Just Kiddin, I'm a sociable walker only intolerant of the arrogant few that dont talk back!

The Ridge

All in all?..... a fabulous day on a!!! Why do we walk in the hills? cause we LOVE them!

Re: Ben Alligan & The Horns

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 10:28 pm
by Johnny Corbett
Stunning area this and a cracker of a day to do Ben Alligin. Hope to do it myself this year :D

Re: Ben Alligan & The Horns

PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 10:31 pm
by Collaciotach
Craic ing photos :clap: