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Glen Lyon Horseshoe - Take 2

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 8:28 pm
by Backpacker
This was my 2nd attempt in as many weeks, the 1st one I aborted after the rain decided it was coming up the way.

After checking the forecast yesterday afternoon I asked the gaffer for the day off. Despite being September the tourists and caravans haven't gone home so thought I'd have a late start and pitched up at about 10. 10mins later and I was off. The walk up through the forest is pleasant enough, then you hit the hill, don't know if it was just me but the ascent just seems never ending going up Carn Gorm. Looking around, the clag just seemed to be settling on the summits and not shifting despite the stiff breeze, I'm sure the MWIS forecast said 90% chance of cloud free summits in the area. Oh well, onwards and upwards.

After a couple of hours, I was finally at the summit and the clag really rolled in, having a wander round the summit, I seen a shadowy figure appearing out the cloud, it was a fellow walker doing the horseshoe anti-clockwise. Sat and had a blether, when the clag suddenly lifted and we were greeted with views over Loch Rannoch, down the glen and various hills and mountains, magic :D


We said our goodbyes and I headed off to summit no 2 Meall Garbh, it was a nice gentle saunter along the easy to follow path and a nice tail wind, must have only been about 30mins and I was at the summit and god what a site, I'm sure they could have done something else with the fence posts, oh well, a few more photos, a ciggie and then on to no 3 Carn Mairg


Again another easy enough saunter across, though that bloody hamstring of mine was bugging me, though it was easily ignored, I was more interested in the scenery around me, it was lovely, in fact I wasn't paying that much attention to where I was going that I walked passed the cairn :lol: . The wind was stiffening so I didn't hang around and heading over to no 4 Creag Mhor


Bit of a scramble down but nothing challenging to hit the wall where another path intersects it, might be an easier way round than straight down over the boulders, again another saunter over to No 4 , I'm thinking this is great, another easy multi bag (the worst was yet to come) after the bealach it's a short pull up and suddenly you're at the summit. I sat here and had a good rest before starting the descent.


Christ this was murder, not only did the ascent to Carn Gorm drag on and on, this descent back to the car was the same, any pain I had in my hamstring was soon taken over by the pain in my knees and ankles which were taking a right good pounding, finally the path I took up came into view, the path I was on just seemed to take forever to get there but after 45mins-1 hour, I was finally on the track back to the car, another 1/4 mile and I was ready to go home.

It was a good round, the start and end were a bit tough for a beer swilling, curry munching smoker but all in all I fairly enjoyed it

Remaining photos can be found at the link below