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Dont Stob, give me More!!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 6:37 pm
by allymacp
Having only recently started a concerted effort to start bagging Munros, i though it about time I embarked on a wee blog as well, and what better to start on than these two.

After walking the Tarmachan Ridge a few weeks back and staring across at Ben More and Stob Binnein, it had to be completed sooner rather than later, a hastily arranged long weekend should have allowed for 3 days walking but the quite miserable weather on Sunday meant I came home early. Although still got out on Monday to complete Stuchd an Lochain so all was not lost!

Starting out from Glasgow at half six with a pick up for Andy and beat the traffic up to Crianlarich before a roll n sausage at the tea room on the platform, and set out up the track at around 8.30am. The rain of the past few days had really done its job, the path was really boggy requiring almost double the effort to climb the steep steep sides of Ben More, with each foot sinking into the mud and peats. Thankfully somewhere around 700m or so, the rocky path came to fruition and it was fairly straight forward from there. The views back down to Crianlarich and across to the Tyndrum hills really were awesome, with the sun rising and constantly changing the shadows on the hills.

WalkHighlands 1.jpg
Looking back on Crianlarich

As we neared the top and into the clouds, Andy rightfully stated it was like walking into heaven, with the sun shining through the clouds and reflecting on the dew on the ground, really spectacular, although tough for the camera to take it in.

walk highlands 2.jpg
Heaven on Earth?

We made the summit fairly easily, and stopped for a bite to eat and coffee with the place to ourselves for about 20mins, absolute silence all around, absolute bliss! The clouds were rolling over the sumit, but broke for about 2 mins, just enough time to catch the summit of Stob Binnein up ahead and a quick photo.

walk highlands 3.jpg
Selfie at the top
walk highlands 4.jpg
Ben More Summit
walk highlands 5.jpg
Stob Binnein rears its head in the clouds!

A straight forward path took us off Ben More and down to the bealach where the wind had really started to pick up. Snood on up over the ears and mouth and the hat on top. Like some kind of Munro ninja :lol: The wind got really wild on the way up here, but thankfully it did not take long, we worked out something like 45mins from summit to summit.

Fortunately we got a spot on the south side of the summit, completely out of the wind and stayed up there for an hour, enjoying lunch, taking pictures and watching the clouds roll in and out.

walk highlands 6.jpg
Andy finds the lunch stop
walk highlands 7.jpg
Precarious ledge - was comfy though and the views were great
WalkHighlands 10.jpg
Panorama from Stob Binnein summit looking east-ish :)

The visibility at times was just stunning, specially as there was no higher point south of us across the whole British Isles! Reluctantly as always, we had to come down and off to the north and up Rannoch Moor way, the weather was not looking so good anyway so we headed back the way we came to the bealach before dropping down west into the valley and following the track round. After not being able to see Ben More all day because of the clouds we were treated with the mountain in all its glory, just a big beautiful pile of rock!

walk highlands 8.jpg
Ben More unvieiled

We made it back down to the hostel for about 4ish, we estimated that without stops we had taken around 6 or so hours all in. Not without a quick Crianlarich Cow Run - like Pamplona only a little more casual :lol:

walk highlands 9.jpg
Crianlarich Cow Run!

This was my first time out walking with my mate Andy (he's invited back!) but a great days walking and mostly good weather between the storms of the past weekend. Crianlarich for the evening, and the steak pie we had been craving all day before a few pints in Rod n Reel to finish off the day.

Always sad to come back to the big smoke after walking, but the bug has really hit this year and i'm sure i'll be back out soon!

Re: Dont Stob, give me More!!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:51 pm
by Johnny Corbett
Good stuff and always good to keep a blog so you can look back in years to come. :D

Re: Dont Stob, give me More!!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 5:26 pm
by allymacp
Cheers Jonny, quite enjoyed putting it together, and finally somewhere for the photos to go as well! :D