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Quick Hill

PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:23 am
by tom061087
Was determined to get put and do a hill but other things took over and it was 12.30 by the time i was ready to leave. Meikle Bin was the only "listed" hill i hadn't done that was still within daylight reach of Glasgow, so of I went. With a headtorch just in case!

Arrived at the car park for half 1 and there was loads of space, I was sure i had read parking is limited here. Maybe so in the summer but there must be room for at least 10-15 cars if well parked.

Anyway, set off up the track at a fast walk. The track undulates a little for the first couple of km, at that point I got first view of Meikle Bin itself which looked surprisingly high through the mist. Mist always makes things look much more distant and elevated I find.

After crossing the river the waymarked track climbs steadily. The kind of slope which makes you think you are making great progress up the hill with minimal effort but then you seriously disappoints you when you look to see how much height you have gained.

It was a windy day but forestry around the track kept the walk sheltered until a narrow but newly constructed path (not the quagmire it used to be going by photos) leaves the track to the left and zigzags 50 yards through the last of the trees and into the open.

Once on the open hill there is about 100m ascent to go and the path got a bit boggy, also i was fully exposed to a fairly strong and chilling wind. I passed a lonely tree which had been decorated with bobbles and tinsel. Perhaps a nice touch at christmas but unfortunately half the decorations had been scattered over the moor by the wind. Hopefully whoever lugged them up there is going to return and tidy up.

Anyway, pushed on to the summit where someone had built a miniature snowman on the trig point. Didn't hang around long with the wind chill being pretty uncomfortable after stopping for a minute or two and the view consisting of about 30m in each direction. Descended down back into the forest before stopping for 15 minutes of lazing around looking at the view and having my soup.

Back at the car for about half 3 and although there was probably 45 minutes of reasonable light left it felt like it was pretty much dark already.

Overall a pretty easy day but a cracking hill if you need something near the central belt and are pushed for time. Will definitely return some day when there is likely to be a view.