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Uamh Bheag (Glen Artney) +Stuc Odhar

PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 7:53 pm
by peterd
at start of walk weather not to bad,very wet and soggy underfoot,no paths on this hill to follow,walking over burnt out heather and big grass clumps up to about 450mts in height,then the snow from there up to the top was even harder to walk in as you had no idea how deep it was sometimes you were on top the next thing you were down a snow hole,some places were 2-3ft deep,reaching the summit weather closed in .we where supposed to walk on to stuc odhar but decided to give it a miss, started our descend on the next hill ,but cant remember the name, hips starting to hurt a bit with all the falls into the snow holes, still got back to the mini bus in one piece,after all my moaning i still enjoyed the did manage to see the sun for all about 2min at lunch sorry no pics peterd.