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Eididh nan Clach Geala

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:01 pm
by Shug

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Had planned to do 3 of the 4 munros in the Beinn Dearg trip, but a couple delays on my trip meant I settled for just the one this time.
Started out at the Walkers car park at Inverlael. Weather was looking promising with the sun threatening to shine.
Hopped over the stile at the end of the car park (theres a gate at the other end for the stile-phobes!) and onto the forestry track.

Soon came to gate to assure me I was on the right track (plus a note to keep the head down in autumn!)

After a couple kilometres, the forestry road came to an end where you join what is described as a stalkers path, but in reality is more of a rocky streambed for much of it!

The path rises up slowly and after another k or so theres the opportunity to STOP! Hammer time!
Image :lol:
Rather random I thought.

Up ahead Beinn Dearg and Meall nan Ceapraichan make an enticing view

Soon the path splits, with a handy cairn to mark the fork. To the right is the path to Beinn Dearg and to the left, my first target for the day, Eididh nan Clach Geala.
The path to Beinn Dearg looked not to bad, but the one I chose was rockier and not the easiest going.

Further along, Eididh nan Clach Geala popped into view as more snow started to appear by the path, and it got beautifully sunny

Quite soon the path disappeared and I was plunging knee deep into the snow. Stopped for a cuppa near the start of the ridge I would climb up to the peak.

Zigzagging up the slope as the snow was mostly quite hard, I was occasionally kicking steps but not needing to cut any. Occasional patches of soft snow meant I wasnt particularily wanting crampons on.
On the last bit of the slope to the summit (after the flat bit ahead on left of photo) the snow was more ice. Crampons might have been handy but I was ok walking on it, and cutting occasional steps with the axe (its more fun and I wanted to use my axe other than as an ornament!)

A wee pic of the summit with my 'flag' planted by the cairn!
And a noisy wee video!

And a pretty pic of the landscape

Made my way down the back of the hill to the pass between Eididh nan Clach Geala and Meall nan ccFppijialjhvavwhatever where I stopped for lunch. Had one of those self heating meal packs. Pasta and meatballs. Never again! Seam on heating bag wasnt sealed properly so steam was escaping which might explain the lukewarm lunch. So I sat and waited rather than store in rucksack and march on. If I wasnt so hungry I'd have passed on it. Had ran out of water (bad planning? excessive early drinking) so I used coffee to activate the heat pack.
The lunchtime view

Decided to make my way down to the lochan to fill up my water pack (2 litres. maybe I need a bigger one) 'glissading' down the slope (we all know that means slide down on arse going weeeeeeeeee!)
Decided I'd play it safe and treat the water with the purifying stuff. Had to sit for 10 mins while it activated. By the time I was ready to go, I figured it was getting a little late to make it back to the pass and up and over the next munro so set off back to the car (wise move as you'll see) carefully skirting the lochan
It is under there, honest!

After mistakenly following someones footsteps for a little bit I decided they were a numpty and struck off across country to find the path again as a pounding headache started to kick in (did I mention I had forgotten my sunglasses?)
On the way back down I spotted a couple of deer that were munching away oblivious to me. Felt like I was being watched and noticed 7 more staring intently. Walked on and the deer didnt move. As I got closer they trotted off. Then I noticed about another 20 of them down the hill from me. No antlers in sight. Further along another 15 or so deer were eying me suspiciously before all bolting.
As the path merged with the one from beinn dearg was about the time my left knee started to twinge a bit. Soon I had to take a break every couple hundred metres. Going downhill was getting quite painful. On flat sections I marched on no probs. The unpleasant pasta/meatball burps encouraging mild nausea!
Took a lot longer than I intended courtesy of dodgy knee and eventually got to the car as darkness was falling. Drove back to strathpeffer to find myself almost unable to walk courtesy of the stiff knee and the heavy pain at the sides and below the kneecap.
Felt it very similar before but that was after a heavy knock to the knee. Two different docs just kinda shrugged, mentioned jarring a muscle or ligament and to rest it.
3 days later it seems ok but I'm pondering a physio visit if it shows any sign of reappearing.

Incidently, huge kudos to those that can manage all 4 in one day in winter. Clearly I have a long way to go working on my hill fitness!

Re: Eididh nan Clach Geala

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:25 pm
by rockhopper
enjoyed that - one of my favourite areas, brings back good memories - cheers :)