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South Glen Shiel Ridge - Kintail

PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:59 am
by harrison123
The South Glen Shiel Ridge!

This mighty munro bagging epic has been on my radar for sometime now. The thought of seven new munros in a single day was irresistible... Several weeks past waiting for a weather window, and finally the time came to lace up the boots and ready the rucksacks... It was time to rock and roll :D

At 0800 hrs we started our journey, and not a cloud in the sky! :D

100% visibility... looking West towards Sgurr a' Bhac Chaolais (885m) from Creag nan Damh (918m) - Munro No. 1

With the scorching heat and the blazing sun beating down on us, we didn't have a care in the world... This was the perfect day! :D

Looking East towards Sgurr an Lochain (1004m) - Munro No. 2

Utterly amazed by the breathtaking views, we continued along the ridge... :D

Looking West towards Creag nan Damh (918m) from Sgurr an Lochain (1004m)

Munro No. 3 here we come... Sgurr an Doire Leathain (1010m)

Looking South towards Gleourauich (1035m) - Loch Quaich Munros

Sgurr an Doire Leathain (1010m) - Munro No. 3

Looking back towards Sgurr an Lochain (1004m)

looking South to Loch Quaich

Looking East towards Maol chinn-dearg (981) - Munro No. 4 from Aonach Air Chrith (1021m) - Munro No. 5

Aonach Air Chrith (1021m) - Munro No. 5

Home stretch... Looking East towards Druim Shionnach (987m) - Munro No. 6 and Creag a'Mhaim (947m) - Munro No. 7

Reaching the summit of Creag a'Mhaim - Munro No. 7 I really was tired, but the challenge wasn't over yet... The arduous walkout lay ahead! :D

Looking West... 8 hrs later, and 7 munros later!

Two burst blokes...! Having successful completed The South Glen Shiel Ridge, feeling completely accomplished... Time to head home!

The South Glen Shiel Ridge truly does lives up to its reputation, for both beauty and the challenge!
This is an experience I will never forget... This Octobers day was perfect, we couldn't have asked for anymore! :D

Harrison Connie

Re: South Glen Shiel Ridge - Kintail

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 12:23 am
by Alteknacker
Nice succinct report, and great pix. I so envy you that beautiful day... ... just the ticket for a ridge walk.

Have in mind to try it this year, perhaps combined with the Saddle and Sgurr na Sgine if I'm feeling very masochistic. Definitely feeling energy from this report.


Re: South Glen Shiel Ridge - Kintail

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:38 pm
by kev_russ
Braw :thumbup: