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Moffat to Peebles

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 6:12 pm
by dunrig
Have walked between these towns many times, easy access and guaranteed solitude. Favourite route as described in The Big Walks by Richard Gilbert, meant as a long day walk but never manged this always ended up bivving out.
My excuse this time was a definitve bagging of Andrewhinney Hill , memory - lack of records meant it was a maybe.
After work on Mon got bus to Moffat, raced to top Capel Fell, caught sunset, the night was cold and surprisingly windy. Frozen boots in the morning as I tramped over tops to St Mary's loch ( didn't follow SUW took east side Peat Hill) then on by Dryhope to camp. Next morning went through woods by Douglas Burn, over Dunrig, down Glensax to Peebles for bus, wee sleep, nightshift that night. Weather perfect; frosty crust early on, sunshine with slight breeze rest of day. Sitting by burn in Glensax couldn't help smiling to myself - the joy of it all.
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