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Beinn Bhuidhe Beaut.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:36 am
by JimboJim
First in the bag of 2014, though I revisited Beinn Ime a few weeks back. Still no sign of Big Jesper, but somebody has to work! Time to get fit after back injury and itching to see the hills again, so with a decent forecast, something near to home was appealing. Hitched the bike onto the back of the car and up Loch Fyne, I went.
First observation. 'Car Park' getting seriously pot holed, big canyon's filled with muddy water. Still, I don't suppose someone is going to do it up, just for the benefit of a few hikers. Reasonably flat ride in, along side of the river, though I felt the WH description could have been a little clearer myself, but seeing bike tracks on the rougher track, lured me in the right direction, where I soon came to the bike stand and gate.
Beinn Bhuidhe 001_1024_768.JPG
Glen Fyne through to Ben Lui.
Beinn Bhuidhe 002_1024_768.JPG

Spent too long here trying to repair broken zip on my gaiters, before it clicked, to use the velcro. Wally! I'd guess it is about a further half to three quarter mile to Inverchorachan, just after which, I stumbled across a dead dear, at the start of the hill. Think the stalker was coming back for it later in the day. Otherwise, it had a miraculous recovery and was just faking? I decided to follow the WH route up the track on the left hand side of the burn. It was a bit icy here and there, but I didn't think it was in too bad condition. Started to get into snow about 400m, which made me worry about the 'tricky' scramble, but didn't really find it much bother.
Beinn Bhuidhe 006_1024_766.JPG
Beinn Bhuidhe 008_1024_768.JPG

Nice seeing the waterfall ahead, though began to wonder whether I'd be able to find a way out of the Gorge, as the path began to disappear beneath the thickening snow, but a couple of lucky guesses kept me on track, as I slowly emerged above the waterfall, onto more open hill. Scanning around, I was less clear as to direction of summit and had made mess of printing route guidelines, so time to wind up Jasper's GPS. Much to my surprise, my map position was roughly where I thought I was, but it didn't make picking a route to the top any easier, as I scanned what looked like a near impenetrable wall of snowy crags.
Beinn Bhuidhe 088_1024_694.JPG
Distant summit.

Although the wind was getting stiffer, vis was good, so chose what looked like a lower spot to aim at, nearer the 901m spot height and decided not to give up just yet. As I made my way more to the east, I came across other hoof prints which lead me to believe I was still hopefully on track. The snow was now sometimes knee deep, but generally quite firm, holding well, as I made my way up, to what I gradually realised would be the approach ridge.
Beinn Bhuidhe 069_1024_666.JPG
Cruachan and Loch Awe.
Beinn Bhuidhe 041_1024_670.JPG
Ben More and Stob Binnein.

As one gets to this point the views dramatically open up in almost all directions, but as I suspected, the fierce wind, was blowing in more cloud and haze. Finding a sheltered spot, I decided to put the crampons on, as it looked quite a steep rise to the summit, with a few more icy patches and some wild gusts of wind, blowing me around. A cup of coffee and then it was back underway, though the legs were really beginning to feel the lack of hill practice.
Beinn Bhuidhe 078_1024_740.JPG
Summit from east.
Beinn Bhuidhe 086_1024_664.JPG
Getting there!
No turning back however, having got this far and before long, I reached the top, with the magnificent panorama of views to be had. I think it took me 2h 45m, from leaving the road below. Time for a few photo's, then down out that wind.
Beinn Bhuidhe 059_1024_656.JPG
Summit to Ben More and Stob Binnein.

Getting near the gorge, I decided to descend on the other side, which as described is wetter, grassy and no path, which didn't help the aching legs. Nearing the road again, I wondered if WW3 was breaking out, but the sniper was only the gamey, despatching a wretched beast out its misery and I could breath easy once again.
Had a decent banter with them, as I made my way back to the bike, then down the glen, past the brewery bar, which I would have loved to have sampled, but I had boobed and not taken enough dosh, for even a half pint. Double Wally! Still, it was a memorable hike and hopefully more to follow soon.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:07 pm
by Big Jesper
Great report and pictures Jimbo, you got a better day than i did. Hopefully make it with you for the next one. BJ

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:12 pm
by JimboJim
Big Jesper wrote:Great report and pictures Jimbo, you got a better day than i did. Hopefully make it with you for the next one. BJ

Cheers, King Jesp. Our time is a comin' and soon - hopefully.

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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2015 8:19 pm
by JimboJim
A re-visit, a year or, so later, on my birthday, with Steve from WH's, who had yet to do this one. Didn't have the luxury of the bike this time, but made good pace up Glenfyne. Surprisingly, lot of early traffic, one of who gave us a big fright and looked like he got a big fright too! Took about an hour and a quarter till we left 'road.' Still found the tricky bit in the gorge, relatively untricky.
Once out of the gorge, we were soon in deep, soft, slippy snow, but thankfully, I had Steve to blaze the trail. Unfortunately, being a big lad, some of his foot steps were about 3 feet deep and I was finding it tough! We crossed the newly cut track for a hydro scheme, which hasn't much enhanced the views. Not much delicacy gone into its creation, by the looks of it. Hopefully it will blend in quickly, but no doubt track will become route of choice up, in years to come - if allowed?
Ben More.
Ben Lui.
Ben Lomond.
Time for a paddle?

This time, I think I was a bit more direct, west, heading up, which I think was tougher, but it might just have been the walk in and deeper snow which gave me that impression. Anyway, we finally made it onto the ridge, where the views were once again, pretty spectacular.
Beinn Ime.
Ridge to summit.
Loch Awe and Cruachan hills.
Arrochar Alps from summit.
Loch Fyne west, to Mid Argyll.
Made the summit, in about 4 hrs. It was cold and the sight of the forecast, ugly weather moving in from north, meant we didn't stay long.
Ridge down - or, up.
Beinn Ime, with some of 'the track.'

Having moaned my share about the ugly track, I only felt it was right to follow it down, to see how ugly and where it came out. As someone else also pointed out, one is probably better heading down the more northerly, gradual gradient road, rather than taking the new, left fork, down Newton Hill, which comes out, at what I presume is the power generating plant.
Loch Fyne from Newton Hill.
We then chose to follow the road, back through the quarry, to the car in just under the 6.75hrs. My feet agreed with my legs. A hard, but thrilling day, once again.

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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2015 8:31 pm
by Big Jesper
Looked a cracker of a day Jimmy and Steve. Very jealous that i missed that one, never mind plenty more. Great views and glad that Steve kept you on the move.

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PostPosted: Tue May 05, 2015 8:50 pm
by JimboJim
Big Jesper wrote:Looked a cracker of a day Jimmy and Steve. Very jealous that i missed that one, never mind plenty more. Great views and glad that Steve kept you on the move.

Cheers, Jesper was good fun, though hard work! Pity I couldn't count this towards my tally. Looks like lot of snow still up there. Not looking hopeful for Monday or, Tuesday, but fingers crossed! Some braw reports here, eh.

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PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 5:59 pm
by Wanderlust7
Hey Jimbo was going to put on a report and found you beat me to it haha! Saved me ages thanks.

Well it was a corking trip out, we have not had a bad one yet eh? Lovely walk up the valley and the ridge was outstanding, who said it was a boring hill, ice cream head in May too! Was lovely to share your birthday on another great day out buddy.