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Wee Day Out In Drumochter

PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:18 am
by Backpacker
Same boys I was out with last weekend asked me if I was out again this weekend (what a silly question :lol: ) We settled on the the 2 east of Drumochter, I asked Leia if she was happy with the choice of mountains, again a silly question. I was keeping an eye on the forecast and it wasn't looking promising, final check on Friday night revealed just a 40% chance of cloud free Munro's but looked like it was to be dry and not howling a gale :thumbup:

Woke up on Saturday morning to what was a pea souper in Dundee, Leia I think was wanting to kill me for dragging her out of bed at half 7 to grey skies and fog :lol:

We met up with the guys at layby 87, we suited and booted, crossed the road and head off up the track, only to be stopped by a workie, who told us they were working on the pylon cables, another boy just shouted over and waved us through, phew.

The wander up the track is a bit non descript but the views north up the A9 and across towards Loch Ericht were good, even if the clag was clinging on.

We eventually arrived at the quarries or as the WH route calls it, a "shallow depression". We had a choice to make, left or right. Turns out we made a good choice as there's very little ascent or descent and made for a very pleasant wander over to our 1st objective of the day, Carn na Caim, although a bit boggy nothing that you couldn't skip across. By the time we reached the summit the clag had cleared sufficiently for some good views albeit a tad hazy. The usual stop for snacks, drinks, ciggies, photo's were taken before we headed back to the "shallow depression"

We continued straight over up and over the gentle ascents and descents, and also straight passed the big cairn and arrows that point left :lol: . Quick look at the map pointed us to the error of our ways, that's a bit steep down there. We hung a left down to the wee col before the final pull up to A' Bhuidheanach Bheag. We decided as there was no wind here that it would be a good place for lunch on the way back down. As we ascended a look back at where we came down we saw a faint though defined path coming the same way we had, obviously we're not the 1st nor be the last to make that mistake.

The final pull was a bit tiring, though most of it was through snow which always seems to tire me out pretty quickly but we made it up in reasonable time, again the usual before heading back down to the col for a spot of lunch. We followed the path that we should have come down on back up and unsurprisingly it led us to the cairn we walked straight passed accompanied by three arrows pointing left, how the hell did 4 of us miss that :lol:

All that was left now was the walk back to the A9 and it was quite a pleasant walk back with the wind behind us and the views had improved from when we had started.

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Leia celebrating her 14th
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