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The Glen Lyon Four.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 7:32 pm
by martin.h
Today started off overcast but according to the Met Office it was due to clear sometime mid to late morning so we were going to take advantage and have a longish walk. Yes, the cloud was bothering the summits,but it was the sort to burn off given time.
We parked up in the little carpark at Invervar, it was very quiet with only one other car there.
Ready for the off

We set off following the diversion signs and managed to pick up the track following the invervar Burn. It's a good steady plod through the plantation and then open hillside,
The famous rickity bridge

the path remains very good and it is a nice steady plod all the way to the summit of Carn Gorm, the views open up and the scale is fantastic.
Fantastic views.




Over to Lawers

As we were gaining height the cloud was lifting and soon we could see the tops of the mountains on our walk, over to Lawers, however, they were still holding onto their cloudy hats.
When we arrived at the first summit the clouds were still looking a bit threatening but were high enough not to cause concern and the day was looking promising.
The two of us on Carn Gorm

We had good clear conditions all the way from Carn Gorm to Creag Mhor.
Meall Garbh

Looking back


It did shower once between Meall Garbh and Carn Mairg for about 10 mins but once this passed over the sun came through and stayed like that all day.
The fence posts were a very good guide eventhough we did'nt need them, although, in poor conditions, I can imagine they are very welcome company.
Carn Mairg

The only iffy part of the walk is the descent to the bealach below Carn Mairg, if you come off in mist beware of the crags and the boulders around the top don't really give much of a hint of the true route off but there is a path of sorts and soon the bealach is reached.
We stopped for lunch in the bealach,the sun was shining, it was warm, there was no wind,it was really quite pleasant, it was nice just sitting there looking around not being cold, wet, or wind blown.
Dining Views


From the bealach the walk over to Creag Mhor is a nice and steady, nowhere near as far as it looks from Carn Mairg and from the top of Creag Mhor the views to the Lawers group, Schiehallion, Glen coe, Ben More and the way we had come were magnificent, all with a good bit of snow on them.
Creag Mhor


Zoomed Lawers I think

The whole route from Creag Mhor

From this summit the walk down to Invervar is very fine and on a good path, not too taxing on the legs but I managed to twist my left knee so that slowed us down a bit, we were thankful when we reached the car. The knee was a bit sore but nothing too serious, thankfully.
On the way down

This was another really good day in the hills, due, in part, to the conditions, and very enjoyable.
Loch Tay in evening sun

Re: The Glen Lyon Four.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 8:44 pm
by rockhopper
You've certainly been busy ! Have just been reading your others reports - much better conditions this day than you had on the 25th. It's great to see the views from these hills on such a good day - cheers :)