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My first munro, feat Ben Nevis + the 45 second walking pole

PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2014 3:26 pm
by Catmeena
I am now, and was at the time of climbing Ben Nevis a beginner. I generally shy away from walking whenever possible :)
But we spent a glorious day doing Ben Nevis for my birthday last year.

cloud view.jpg
The mist rolling overhead

Spectacular views almost immediately, we had terrific weather for most of the ascent, After a significant amount of puffing and panting on my part (my 2 friends are a lot fitter than me!) and the occasional curse, we reached the top. Sadly the summit was shrouded in mist and snow, but the novelty of the huge temperature change made up for it.

Finally reached the summit!

As did sliding down a snowy embankment on our arses, almost taking out a very polite climber on his way up, apologies sir!

Sliding down the snowy patch, the only time we needed our waterproofs!

My ebay walking poles snapped in half less than 1 minute after removing from my pack, they withheld just long enough for 1 picture, so I ended up carrying 4 pieces of what I can only assume is painted uncooked spaghetti around until we reached back to our accomodation when they were promptly thrown in the bin!

45sec pole.jpg
Single use walking poles ;-)

We could barely move once we sat down, and managed only a single pint in the Ben Nevis Inn before crawling into bed, a very disappointing performance on that front.

It is imminently doable in good weather conditions with an excellant path so don't be put off by the height!

Re: My first munro, feat Ben Nevis + the 45 second walking p

PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:11 am
by MunroMadMen
Looks like you had a great day and your pics are stunning, Need to get Nevis on my list

:) G