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Chock full of Chochuill

PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 8:05 pm
by U059361
Parked the car opposite the entrance to Castles Farm Estate entrance at 9:30am, Room for 3 cars here. A couple of walkers cars actually parked up the track itself. Not sure that's a good idea. The track up the side of the hill is good, it's underlined by tarmac most of the way even it it is covered by dirt and stones. There is a cairn to mark the route back down from Eunaich to be passed on the way up. Taking the right track at a junction another smaller cairn is reached. The clue to go up the hill here. Not much of a path and wet. It had rained and I was hot and wet under the waterproof jacket. Half way up it really let loose. I sheltered behind a big boulder and held my rucksack with its rain cover over my head to avoid the worst. Put on my waterproof trousers when it came back on further up on the ridge. Met two people just coming off the top in the rain and cloud. They were determined to do both hills. I ran up to the top, took photo and returned to another boulder for shelter as it was even heavier this time. It died down and I decided to call it a day. Couldn't see anything anyway. As rain finally went off I went along to look at the way over to Eunaich. Still nothing visible and dark clouds, wind and occasional rain made my mind up to just drop back down. I would want to return anyway to get a view from up here so can do both then.
I was still damp when I got back to the car, although I dried out the waterproof jacket and trousers by carrying them over my shoulders to catch the breeze and bits of sunshine.
So the early bird gets the parking space and all the worst of the weather. :(

Re: Chock full of Chochuill

PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:03 pm
by rockhopper
U059361 wrote:So the early bird gets the parking space and all the worst of the weather. :(
snap ! :wink: like you I also got an early parking space then hardly saw a thing all day :roll: - more hills to add to my long revisit list :lol: - cheers :)