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An Ample amble

PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2014 7:15 pm
by Pete and Esther
This was our third go at Stuc a'chroin. The first time we went up Ben Vorlich (and nearly got blown off it again) so went no further, the second time we called it a day on top of Ben Each due to clag. So route number three!

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. Excuse the inexpert drawing this is the first time I've done this! We parked at the layby and walked up the right of way track to Loch via Glen Ample. We walked along the track admiring flowers (the picture is of yellow saxifrage)
Yellow saxifrage
tadpoles in every puddle (whichs tells you something about the permanence of the puddles) and the general scenery
the Ample
glen ample
More glen ample
An Orchid
. Once we got to Glen Ample farm we turned right at the ford (this has a sign saying hill routes),
Signpost at the ford
the ford
Path leading up from ford
ignored the first ATV track to the right and took the second. This climbed rapidly and led to a locked gate - fortunately there was a ladder stile a little way along the fence.
Ladder Stile
We soon caught sight of Ben Vorlich,
Ben Vorlich
and then Stuc a chroin loomed up.
Stuc a'chroin
The track runs out but there is a faint path leading across to the Bealach which we followed to gain the main path between Ben Vorlich and Stuc a'chroin . We did have every intention of trying the scramble but following the path led us to a bypass route to the left of the prow (rather than the normal one on the right) - it was steep but no scramble. Guess you just need to strike out if you want to do it? Once at the top it was a short walk to the summit
. We decided to try and cut the walk back along the Glen Ample track a bit shorter so we headed down the right hand side of the Coire Chroisg (as the contours looked kinder) once at the flatter section at the bottom we found a faint path which led us to a fence which we climbed over and followed the now well defined path back to the track.
Last look at Glen Ample

Re: An Ample amble

PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:15 pm
by MunroMadMen
Looks like you had a great day and the pics are brill

Geo ;)