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a'Chochuill and Eunaich

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:27 pm
by U059361
Parked at suggested layby. The farm/hydro track is pretty good walking. Admit to getting a lift from a couple of Hydro workers heading for the top dam on hillside. Had a good blether to them. Stopped beside a lamb that looked like it was stuck on the verge. Another walker, Kenny was beside it. We got out and tried to right it, but it had lost the power of both it's back legs, so couldn't walk. The Hydro guys said they'd lift it when they came back down. Kenny and I continued up the track and took the right turn till we reached the small cairn and set off up the hill. Not much of a path but it was fairly dry. We made good progress, faster than I would have done alone. The cloud did not want to go away from the top though. So I got a dry version of the same view as last time I did this a few weeks ago. Walking back down though it started to lift.
ImageBeinn Eunaich from Beinn a'Chochuill by Joe Kincaid, on Flickr
We could see it lifting on Beinn Eunaich and we had views either side of the ridge. The walking is good all the way over to Eunaich, just a small stretch over a scree chute and then loose boulders before the top. We had our lunch here as it was exactly midday now and we could see Cruachan emerging from the cloud.
ImageBeinn a'Chochuill from Beinn Eunaich by Joe Kincaid, on Flickr.
ImageBeinn Eunaich Top by Joe Kincaid, on Flickr
It was a clear view now and the path down the ridge from Eunaich although faint was easy to follow.
ImageCruachan, the Stobs, a'Chochuill by Joe Kincaid, on Flickr
Good view to Cruachan and Loch Awe now. Just before a peat hag, the path goes over the edge and down the steep hillside to the track once more. Plenty of loose scree here so we picked our way down carefully, favouring our knees. It is a bit of a drop and takes a wee while to do it. The end of the path is marked by a bigger cairn than at a'Chochuill.
Just a simple walk back down the track. Good view over to Stob Daimh and its corry on the way back.
ImageStob Daimh and Coire Creachainn by Joe Kincaid, on Flickr
Was good to have the company all the way round and a good walk.