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Broad Cairn and Bannoch

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:40 pm
by Ronnie1959
Afternoon walk on Sunday 29th June 2014.

Alex, Denny (Jack Russell/5 Munro veteran), and I set off from Loch Muick car park and headed up Little Craig towards Broad Cairn ascent. Thanks to all we met on the way for smiles and chat. Rewarded with great weather for later start as we learned from fellow walkers of fairly bad weather in and around Lochnagar, earlier in the day.
Managed a relatively quick ascent to Broad Cairn and enjoyed some tuna pasta on top, before walking over to Cairn Bannoch. Bit of a quandary whether to climb another Munro, but sadly made mistake of undertaking U-turn at the foot of Sagairt Mor, and heading down towards Creag an Dubh-loch hoping to access Loch Muick path. Sadly encountered rough and very boggy terrain, (why do I sound surprised?), which took a bit out of my feet. Nevertheless lovely views of the waterfall and Eagle's Rock and Labyrinth. Also lovely to see mountain hairs and grouse on the open stretches of peat and heather.
Finally after a long walk down rough track, we accessed Lock Muick track. Enjoyed the short break at the lochside lodge and, in a fit of hysteria madly decided to take a swim in the loch. After drying off, we headed back to car, with Denny in front.
We wondered whether it would have been better to complete our walk over the remaining Munros, towards Lochnagar?