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skimming stones at 2500ft

PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:41 pm
by Ian Bayne
This was as per wh route Just me Steve and the dog . Booted and suited and off by 8am attacked by the midge . By the time we got tothe start gate there was a slight breeze no midg . The sun was behind the cloud but it was starting to get warm . It was a long slog up Bhreac but got to the cairn in 2.5hrs still plenty water about so jake cooled off in every puddle he saw . Stopped off at the cairn for the norm photos and refreshments
Now onto Udlaith there is a path of sorts to follow . The sun was out now so the slog was down a pace but there was spits of rain in the wind got to the cairn just after 1230 Cruachan was in sight all day untill now you could see the rain coming down Loch Awe so no point in hanging about over to the second quartz scar and headed down to the woods when it did rain it was welcoming . The outward track was good going on the way down saw a couple of gold prospectors panning in the stream the track takes you back to the area where we parked the car at the bridge just before 2pm . A quick escape the land of the midge !.