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everything is awesome

PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:13 pm
by ancancha

Binnein Mor.gpx Open full screen  NB: Walkhighlands is not responsible for the accuracy of gpx files in users posts

As per usual a late start after driving up from Edinburgh and the couple of heavy showers weren't inspiring, although the drive up A82 is always enjoyable.

Found the car park easily, and got my boots on and went looking for the path up through the woods :? not so easy, but eventually got on my way.

As soon as I was out of the woods Loch Leven comes into view.

Binnein Mor Loch Leven First View.jpg

After the woods the path levels out and I was zipping along. Got to the intersection with the dirt road and the theme tune to the Lego movie started in my head :wtf: and remained with me for the rest of the day!
Has to be said that the views were becoming awesome, Coire nan Laogh with Na Gruagaichean

Binnein Mor Coire nan Laogh.jpg

and in the opposite direction the dramatic cliff of Stob nan Cabar

Binnein Mor Buachaille Etive Mor.jpg

Awesome :lol:

Just around the corner and the awesomeness gets a lot closer, the cone of Sgurr Eilde Mor with I presume iron bearing red rocks?

Binnein Mor Sgurr Elide Mor.jpg

with a Lochan, I like Lochans 8)

Looks like there's been a fair amount of landslip on this side, and a big chunk of fresh rock lying in the middle of the path :shock:

Binnein Mor Landslip.jpg

I'm not hanging around and am off round the corner into the next corrie and the path up to the top of Sgor Elide Beag, and more awesomeness, a first sight of Binnein Mor.

Binnein Mor East.jpg

Although it had looked pretty steep from the bottom, the zig zagging traversing path took the sting out of the ascent

Binnein Mor Sgor Elide Beag Crags Path.jpg

and I soon popped up onto the top of the awesome crags :lol:

Binnein Mor looked to be a long way off and it was getting windy and a bit chilly! Oh well now I'm here I may as well get on with it :roll: and there were still awesome views, still the song sang in my head :lol:

Binnein Mor Sgor Elide Beag Top Sgor Elide Mor.jpg

Once again the walk continued a pace and I was soon along the ridge below the peak of Binnein Mor,

Binnein Mor Peak.jpg

and the views back along the greater ridge to Na Gruagaichean are awesome (the song again)

Binnein Mor Na Gruagaichean Ridge.jpg

Binnein Mor's peak is genuinely interesting with awesome views (it's a catchy song) of Binnein Beag and the Grey Corries.

Binnein Mor Binnein Beag Grey Corries From Peak.jpg

Even this high up Ben Nevis is obviously taller,

Binnein Mor Peak Beyond.jpg

The photo also shows the interesting and large square chunks of rock that make up the peak.
Had a bite to eat and then off back and to the next ridge.

Mmm, this looks a bit more jaggy and acute,

Binnein Mor Na Gruagaichean Ridge Along.jpg

though it turns out to be an easy stroll with a very reasonable path. I did put on my gloves for what I thought would be an extended scramble up to the summit of Na Gruagaichean, but again other than a couple of very short parts it was pleasant going in the calm evening.

Binnein Mor Na Gruagaichean Scramble.jpg

Reached the summit and awesome views all around, this is a little way down, hadn't realised that the Ring of Steal was just next corrie along as it were, awesome 8)

Am Bodach and Stob Coire a' Chàirn

Binnein Mor Am Bodach Corrie.jpg

There isn't any path down anymore, or at least not the WH GPX way, I found out the reason why an hour or so later.
The wildlife shot,

Binnein Mor Deer.jpg

They are the reason the walk starts to loose a bit of the awesomeness. A very new deer fence has been erected where the path used to come out at the dirt road, but it's now overgrown with bracken. I climbed over the deer fence and made it down to the dirt road and looked for the entrance to the path on the other side, but it is likewise now completely overgrown with bracken.
I deleted a few nodes of the GPX, but in reality I backtracked a couple of times before finding a promising looking path down through the woods off the dirt road. By this time it was getting dark and the head torch was on. The path was correct and I crossed a bridge and met the WH GPX route and made my way down, crossing a stream by way of awesome stepping stones, some song :lol:

Binnein Mor Stones Across.jpg

Anyway my knee was starting to hurt and it was time I was at the car changed and on my way home, so was thankful to see the awesome sight of St Pauls by the car park.

Binnein Mor Church Home.jpg

Made it, Phew! AWESOME :lol:

Re: everything is awesome

PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:25 am
by celt54321
thanx for that,some really good pics they will be a help to me wene im doing these hills. :) by the way you have a bad ass case of the lego song :lol: it happend to me after i watched it......and thanx to reading this report its back in my head again...AWESOME :crazy:

Re: everything is awesome

PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:56 am
by ancancha
celt54321 wrote:thanx for that,some really good pics they will be a help to me wene im doing these hills. :) by the way you have a bad ass case of the lego song :lol: it happend to me after i watched it......and thanx to reading this report its back in my head again...AWESOME :crazy:

Thanks celt, was an interesting walk with the song singing in my head all the time :lol: well worth it though with or without the song, enjoy :D