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Meall Nan Tarmachan (Veronica's 1st Climb)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2014 9:10 pm
by MunroMadMen
Had been looking at this one for quite some time & for this Veronica had decided she would attempt her first Munro. So we checked out the details, made our plan, monitored the weather forecast and it turned out that Aug 22nd would be her first climb. We arrived at the car park about 08:30 and got ourselves ready, we had boots on the ground by 09:00 and the climb began
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Todays Direction

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The fitness fanatic had absolutely no probs with the climb and quickly settled into the pace, laughing and joking and generally enjoying her first climb.
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The higher we climbed the stronger the winds picked up, considering Mountain-Forecast had predicted a pretty clear day and was backed up by our own Sean Batty we were surprised just how quickly the weather looked to be turning, strong winds were bringing in the clouds & it was starting to look pretty wild.
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Some great views

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The climb continued upwards revealing some of our stunning scenery, getting pretty steep at some points which Veronica found amazing, Kinda get the impression that this will not be her last climb ;)
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Time had passed pretty quick and we could see the the goal was not to far ahead of us, We had had a great climb with plenty of laughs and chat as per the norm but hyped up more due to the fact Veronica was about to summit her first Munro which she did with no probs at all, all those fitness classes ensured she had all she needed in the tank to get there with plenty of energy to spare.
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What a day, due to the weather getting pretty wild and the fact that it had been Veronica's first climb we decided that we would come back another time and let her walk the ridge, no point in rushing things when she had enjoyed her climb and was buzzing that she could now say she had climbed a mountain. we sat and took in the views for a while however with the wind continuing to get stronger and the rain starting to fall we decided we would call it a day and start the trek downwards.
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The weather as we thought opened up and on the way down it was wet proof jackets etc, nothing to heavy however mixed with the high winds it took it's toll and continued to batter us for a fair bit of the route down. Turned out to be a day to remember. Great surroundings, scenery and Mountains with my wife enjoying her first climb, just waiting on the "Where are we going next" demand..... so many to choose from