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My plan. Cowal High Way (part 1).

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:34 am
by smiffysmc
Planning on covering a route through Cowal with minimum walking on public paved roads. Whilst this can be done at lower level, I prefer off the beaten track with a bit of elevation for views. Not the easiest of walking in some areas (no defined paths) , underfoot can be of varied terrain. Trying to split routes into sections that can be done in a day. Hopefully starting / stopping at points where vehicles can be left or lifts arranged,even public transport is available on some. Of course,some wild camping can be done if your that way inclined.

Map scale 1:25000 advisable as this shows the fence line for navigation on the latter sections.

Section 1

Dunoon(Kilbride FCS Car Park)-Bishops Seat (504mts)-Leacann nan Gall(568mts)-Cruach nan Capull(611mts)-Cruach Neuran(607mts)- Loch Tarsan (Coll dam).

Section one – Route 16kms/10 miles.

Ascent: +1229m -1167m ,Naismith: 5h 11m

Forestry road to start with then onto the open hills,navigation is aided by a fence line (which is quite convenient) once you’ve passed ‘Giants Knowe’ and contoured round the hillside.

Just trying to build a slide show but upload speed is killing it. Will edit post once it's finished.


Pictures here (but in reverse order,aaaaaaarrrrrggggh).