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Western Etive 2 from Loch Creran

PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:54 pm
by Dommie
The night before the walk was spent in the car where we started next day. This is the point where the Beinn Sgulaird walk starts. We started the walk in darkness so around 7ish in the morning
Just follow the path that goes through a nice pine forest. Out of that keep following the road but will have to turn up left very soon to the direction of Meall Garbh. This route may be difficult to pick, especially in snow. Although we did not go up to Meall Garbh it may be a good idea as ground is probably less wet and more solid hence easier to walk on. Once on the ridge, Beinn Sgulaird is an easy walk. From here the walk is getting more rough.
From Beinn Sgulaird descend to EES. Cross the river at any point you can, there is no recommendation here, I think some luck is needed. But you are gonna have to cross it before going too far North. Once the other side turn North and just follow the river. Another river can be crossed easily at around the point where the map shows.
Aim the place between the two wee Lochs. There is a small road can be followed but it bends West and goes down to Glenure so you need off the road and start walking up hill to North. This is a very tiring climb. From Meall nam Fiadh you may want to turn East to Lochan na Fola unlike what we did. It may very well be a nicer and easier path, avoiding some unnecessary 'climbing'.
The river Allt Bealach na h-Innsig is easy to be crossed. Then start climbing up NE until Beinn Fionnlaidh is reached.
Turn West and start descending. Close to the bottom you will need to find one of a tourist path to be able to cross the forest. We reached this point just before the sun went down. Cross the farm, beware of Highland cattle, find the main road and either walk or hitch-hike back to the car.
In summary this was one of the most tiring walk I have ever made, probably because of the highest rate of walking on wetland versus on proper road/tourist path.
Good luck!