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Creag Mhor & Beinn Sheasgarnaich

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:14 pm
by jc185022

Creag Mhor & Beinn Heasgarnich.gpx Open full screen  NB: Walkhighlands is not responsible for the accuracy of gpx files in users posts

CreagMhor from Meall Glas - note the southern crag to walk round and up.

I'd been trying to work up the enthusiasm for this walk for a while, dreading the distance and "vast" area of bogs, but seeing the weather forecast for a sunny day I couldn't say no.

Arrived at the car park just before the farm at around 9.45am and quickly geared up for the walk. Was overtaken by an irate guy in a rangerover who was stopped at the farm gates trying to get through to the fishing grounds somewhere (Loch Lyon maybe). He went through regardless of all the no entry signs - seems to be the done thing I found out later.

I chose the clockwise route round these hills, preferring the long level way in as the warm up as opposed to the boggy area - i was pleased with this choice eventually. The walk in is very long. Nothing much to report at this point.

Ben Challum seen from the long walk in

Once the hill walk actually started, made my way up to the southeast ridge of Creag Mhor. Here I dithered a bit thinking I could get up the direct way, but quickly gave up and reverted to the suggested walkhighlands way : aimed a little north of west and scrambled up an easy gully before gaining the easier ground of Sron nan Eun above, where a path is gained. There are other ways, with easier ground a little further north. This was the only dodgy bit and is much easier walking round to the left, you'll see the gully you need to go up - and will be visible in the long distance view of Creag Mhor in my pictures.

Once up this section Creag Mhor comes into view and this view alone was worth the effort. Going fairly easy from here and reached the summit with no problems 3hours 20mins after starting.

First view of Creag Mhor - pictures don't do it justice.

View west from Sron nan Eun

Your next - Beinn Heasgarnich
Creag Mhor getting closer
Creag Mhor summit with Beinn Heasgarnich in the background.

Again followed the recommended north west route off the summit and loop round and down towards the boggy section leading up to Beinn Heasgarnich. Met the only other person seen on the hills today doing the route anti-clockwise, who informed me the boggy area after Beinn Heasgarnich is really not too bad. There's not been much rain this month so had dried out a fair bit. Good news.

I found the climb up to Beinn Heasgarnich pretty tough - its quite steep here - but after 30 minutes of pain it eases off and you eventually find a wee path to follow to get to the top and the plateau taking you up to Beinn Heasgarnich summit. Got here 2 hours after Creah Mhor.

Beinn Heasgarnich summit. Now for the bog !

From here, head off the hill towards ENE which will take you past a large gully and you'll pick up a path for a while. After this its as you like, avoiding as much of the bog as you can (and follow the gps if you have one).

Slow going but you'll get there eventually. Worth noting that some of the streams and waterfalls you'll find, the water was cool and delicious - much needed as I was running low.

After some time, got to the tarmac road to head back to the farm and car park. Legs and feet in a fair bit of discomfort now and was not looking forward to the slog back to the car.

I was saved by a mini bus full of half cut guys returning from a day fishing at Loch Lyon who picked me up, offered me beer and vodka, (which i had to refuse) and dropped me off at the car park and gave me a good laugh as well. What a godsend. So it turns out loads of people do driver through those gates to get to Loch Lyon - worth noting.

Re: Creag Mhor & Beinn Sheasgarnaich

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:28 pm
by SecretSquirrel
Good report. You got better views than me when I did this pair. That was lucky getting a lift down the tarmac! When I was trudging back to the carpark, there were several cars that passed me, one had even parked up and had a bbq going! But I wouldn't want to take my car down that road :crazy:

Re: Creag Mhor & Beinn Sheasgarnaich

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:33 pm
by jc185022
Indeed, very lucky, and it trimmed a mile or two off the 15 it should have been. What a cheat !
I wouldn't take my car down that road, by the time the mini-bus got to the bottom the brakes were smoking. Pity about the haze as that obscured the view a fair bit - can't have everything though :-)

Re: Creag Mhor & Beinn Sheasgarnaich

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:38 pm
by Silverhill
Nice pictures :D . I did these in the mist and wondered why the ascent of Creag Mhor was so cumbersome. After looking at your picture of it I now understand :lol: .