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Historical autumn stroll

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:44 am
by pinkmongoose
My time yesterday on this walk was a little longer than given above as I started from Croy railway station. Haven't included that but it's about an extra 20 minutes start and end.

The remains of the Antonine wall - or more to the point its ditch - are impressive in this area. Particularly the section from Bar Hill east is well defined, as is the section on Croy Hill, where the ditch is tunneled straight through rock. The bracken disguises it slightly at Croy Hill, but it can't hide it.

There's no "fort" I could spot at Croy Hill (maybe in the spring when the bracken's died down), but there are some actual bits of stonework to be seen at Bar Hill, which are easy to miss as they cover a reasonable area. I spotted

Roman bathhouse
Remains of military HQ building.

There may be others!