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Just Meall nan Tarnachan

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:46 pm
by Handknittedbagger
Set out with Susan and Bo (dog), on what was forecast to be a poor day with constant light rain. The journey from Glasgow lived up to the forecast and although the cloud lifted a little around Killin, we were not expecting to be experiencing exceptional views.
Arrived in the car park, with the cloud almost down to that level, although as we arrived the rain had relented.
We decided that we had come that far, so may as well bag the mountain.
As usual we used 'Viewranger' on my phone, but the track was clear all the way to the top, with little opportunity to go wrong. The climb we steep in parts and although starting from a reasonable height was challenging enough for us to work up a good sweat.
Soon after we set out, the rain resumed and although light, was being driven by a steady breeze. We were soon both pretty soaked, but actually by no means cold. The temperature remained reasonable and that in conjunction with Susan as always setting a good pace, there was little opportunity to get cold.
Once on the summit, where we could see more or less nothing, we decided not to bother walking the ridge and just accept another Munro bagged and just to follow the clear path back to the car park
We managed to get from car park to the top and back to car park in 2 hours 18 minutes, which was good going.
The midges were waiting on the return to the car and our change into dry clothing included a nice we dance trying to beat off the midges!
All in all a nice climb, that we may well repeat at some time to actually see the view from the top.