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Meall na Teanga fro Clunes

PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:10 pm
by Dubh Linn
Climbed Sron a Choire Ghairbh earlier in the year but didn't continue to Meall na Teanga due to a bad knee. We intended to climb it via Eas Chia-Aig falls until we noticed on here that the route was closed.

We didn't fancy the hike in we had done before so drove to Clunes and took the forest road forking left off the Great Glen way and then doubling back on itself.

Just before the major bend around 200m we had to clamber over or under two sets of fallen trees. Just after the second set, the forest thins out leaving a clearing down to the road. We decided to try and head up here and climb up parallel to the Allt a Mhanain (we had just recently crossed on the road). Luckily we found a deer track straight away, actually leading up the soil bank from the road, across the clearing of dead trees and up into the bracken. It gets quite steep here but deer tracks can be found to follow through the bracken and heather up to the more open hillside. We made it to the broad ridge of Leac Chorrach and followed this up to the spot height 909m. Underfoot varied from bog with the occasional peat hag to moss or short grass. The vegetation was very varied and kept some interest in what was a long plod across unfirm ground. There were lots of deer around, it was quite noisy. Once at the spot height there was a 90 m drop and short climb up to the summit. We retraced out steps, down and up and then the long, easy ridge descent across the springy terrain. We thought we might find a better descent to the road down the steep section and managed to find a better deer track returning us to the deadwood clearing. Just after crossing the first set of fallen trees on the road we noticed a path running steeply into the forest. We followed this to find is descended, very steeply but not too trickily, directly to Clunes, saving us quite a bit of time. The whole outing took around 5 hours ten minutes.