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Ben More, Stob Binnein, injuries and dogs.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 6:21 pm
by DavidShepherd
Well, this was a good outing.

First off, thanks to JimboJim and MunroMadMen for answering my forum post on the routes for this walk, they were very clear and gave me a much better insight into the walk itself.

As it stands, my friend and I decided to start from Inverlochlarig and do Stob Binein and then, dependant on fitness levels and the weather, decide on doing Ben More.

We started at the car park just before Inverlochlarig farm described in the route and crossed the wall.
The path here is pretty clear right up the hill face and we followed all the way up to the deer fence and over the stile with relative ease. It was fairly steep the entire way up to this point and we were soon warmed up.
By now, the rain had cleared and the mist was rolling round the glen below us. (Can't find my pictures or I'd gladly show you!)

Once again, the path itself was easy to follow at this point all the way to the summit of Stob Binein, which we reached in pretty good time. Around 3 hours after a few stops.
After a bite to eat and a chat with a couple of other climbers, we learned about an alternative route back to Inverlochlarig and decided to do Ben More as well. This was also a route I had confirmed reading various reports on this site.
Again, the path down to the beallach and up to the summit of Ben More is pretty clear from this side and we followed it easily, though we were both pretty knackered by the time we hit the top.

On our way back down, we followed the alternative route advised to us and descended the boggy ground to the glen below.
Unfortunately for me, I stood in exactly the wrong place and decided it would be fun to fracture my ankle and tear some of the ligaments. After a brief discussion of what to do, I decided I could walk without to much difficulty and we eventually made it back to the car.

However, in hind sight, we probably should have chosen the other route, and walked to Ben More farm instead of along very boggy ground down through the glen back to Inverlochlarig farm. I was walking a lot slower due to my injury but thankfully we reached the proper track before it got properly dark, and we got back to the car park not long after.

A month off work and lots of physio later, and I'm nearly back to full strength!

Injuries aside, very glad to have climbed these two, they have been on my radar for a while and where both an excellent climb and an excellent day out!