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A different route for Ettrick 3

PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:15 pm
by ExpatEddie
My walk on these 3 Donalds was not worthy of a full step by step report but my route is different from those reported before so I submit it for consideration if doing these hills. I had seen the start location on the A708 and the ascent from there and, to be honest, didn’t fancy it. So I looked at the other side.

Down the road from Ettrick heading towards the Over Phawhope bothy (which you can’t drive to - of course) there is a hard standing on the left before Crook Cottage at NT 219124.

From here go back along the road across the bridge and enter the field on the left. Work through the field and the sheep sorting pens to the base of Brockhope Rig around NT 219127. To try and turn this into a sort of circular route I headed off the Rig soon as I could by heading for Trowgrain Middle. From there it is a ‘there and back’ to Herman Law. After passing Trowgrain Middle (again) the walk to the next Donald , Andrewhinnney Hill, is straightforward but after that I descended to get a clear photo of the Grey Mare’s Tail. Then I contoured along Mirk Side to follow the boundary fence line but when it veered left kept going straight following a quad bike track and then turn up to Bell Craig.

The return followed the fence but on the east side and when I started to ascend Andrewhinney Hill I contoured round to the shoulder which is Mid Hill. The descent requires some visual planning as there are a number of fences approaching the bottom but there are gates which will allow the route to come out at the car park.

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Parking & start.jpg
Parking and start

Sheep Pens.jpg
Sheep Pens

Ascending Brockhope Rig.jpg
Ascending Brockhope Rig

Herman Law.jpg
Herman Law

Mid Rig.jpg
Mid Rig

Andrewhinney Hill.jpg
Andrewhinney Hill

Gray Mares Tail Panorama.jpg
Grey Mare's Tail with White Coomb (left) and Lochcraig Head above the loch (Skeen)

Bell Craig.jpg
Bell Craig

Descent on Mid Hill.jpg
Descent on Mid Hill

Re: A different route for Ettrick 3

PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:10 pm
by rdtoward21
Having done this route from main road, interesting way up from the other side!!