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Carn Mairg Circuit

PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 3:54 pm
by sid0995
A fantastic day on a busy circuit of the Carn Mairg munros.
Three of us arrived at 0800hrs thinking the car park may have been isolated, we squeezed into the last free parking space as we waited for Siborg to arrive. Turns out he forgot to pack socks and realised 20 miles from Inverar!
1 Hot dog suit trial.jpg

0930 and we were off through the well used gate and skirting the wood on the left, whilst observing various parties heading off in different directions and questioning our choice of route as you do!
3 Inverar Burn.jpg

A fair old initial slog up past the shielings with multiple stops for snacks on the way. Interestingly Stuart decided to give himself some war paint from the brown stone on this post. Luckily before I did the same Siborg informed us deer lick this post for some reason, anyone know why? I gave it a miss, as did Justine..
4 Carn Gorm and Licking Post.jpg

Looking back down Carn Gorm we could see at least another 20 keen walkers trailing our path.
5 Looking back down Carn Gorm.jpg

The summit of Carn Gorm was pretty busy on approach and with it approaching midday a few were sheltered out of the wind haviong a spot of lunch.
6 Carn Gorm Summit (Busy).jpg

Hot dog suit on and Carn Gorm bagged, turns out I'm only just realising the streets in Inverness where I grew up are all named after various mountains! Doh!
7 Carn Gorm Summit Photo.jpg

With good visibility over to Meall Garbh we headed off on the good track.
8 Carn Gorm to Meall Garbh.jpg

Incase of poor visibilty I did my homework on walkhighlands and we tracked the fence posts described in the walk to the summit.
9 Fence posts to Meall Garbh.jpg

10 Meall Garbh Summit.jpg

Carrying on along the top Schiehallion was clear to the four of us, with Siborg the only one of us having completed this one!
11 Cairn with Schiehallion.jpg

Carn Mairg Summit.
12 Carn Mairg Summit.jpg

After a careful descent down the rocky south side of Carn Mairg our next objective was clear, Meall Na Aighean.
13 Carn Mairg to Meall Na Aighean.jpg

The last summit of the day was achieved in relaxed time.
14 Meall Na Aighean Summit.jpg

Around 1800hrs we were getting great views down Glen Lyon and beyond to the Lawyers Range.
15 Glen Lyon.jpg

Surprising steep descent back to the car with groups returning after us, all in all a good rewarding day out!
16 Steep Descent.jpg

Next the South Glen Shiel Ridge June 26th!

Re: Carn Mairg Circuit

PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 12:38 pm
by FloozySuzie
I didn't know that either. Can you give me an example of some street names?

Re: Carn Mairg Circuit

PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 1:04 pm
by sid0995
Hi Floozy! Carn Gorm Terrace, Lawyers Way and Suliven Way in Kinmylies off the top of my head. Maybe if we tour the streets we can mark them off a bagged on a drunken night.
I'm in Nairn and go walking a fair bit if you want to team up anytime?

Re: Carn Mairg Circuit

PostPosted: Fri May 21, 2010 6:26 pm
by FloozySuzie
Never heard of any of them. I only really know the centre though i suppose.
Sounds good yes! I am pretty unfit, and probably quite slow, just to warn you 8)