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First fell run of the year

PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:27 am
by sneaky walker
First Fell run of the year and the pups first fell run ever!

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Early start found the serious, middle class banker sounding hamlet of 'Brunton' in the dark (knew I was in the right place because I found the phone box), parked up at the side of the road outside the hamlet and set of into the gloom.

The sky was turning turquoise as we started ascending up the road. The track up to Norman's law is substantial and looks to be some kind of farmers/forestry track you could drive your Ferrari up should the mood take you. Not quite what the two puffing intrepid explorers were looking for but it meant we were at the cairn before sunrise (okay one puffing intrepid explorer but I'll let you guess which one).

No sign of livestock meant the pup got off the lead after her celebratory chew - I had to make do with feasting on the first light of a January morning seeping through mist that is characteristic of a cold start early in the year, I'm tough on myself. She then proceeded to run around at 100 miles an hour, bouncing through the long grass and doing shuttle runs between me and the nearest sweet smelling point of interest (thus putting to rest the mystery I described earlier).

The cold wind hastened our descent and we were back at the car in no time to start the day feeling refreshed - who says Marilyns can't be fun!