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A Clear Day Up Mount Keen

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 10:23 pm
by freudianmark
The sky was clear blue when I set out for Mount Keen. It remained so for the entire trip. Having parked the car at the Invermark car park, the route was very easy to find and follow. I always take a map with me whenever I go walking, but due to the clear weather and the well-maintained path to the summit, on this occasion the map remained in my pocket the entire time. Still, an important precaution on any trip.

At the start of the walk through Glen Mark, there is an electric fence with a gate. So it turns out that all those hours playing the medical-tweezers-buzzing game Operation weren't wasted after all. Encountering this metal gate (yes, connected to an electric fence) was quite a sensation, as it sparked at me and started to make a clicking sound whilst I carefully unhooked the metal chain which keeps it in place. I was starting to wish I'd put the Colonel's phone number in my mobile, as I was convinced I might be about to become Kentucky Fried Chicken at a moment's notice.
Zap, Buzz or Fry?

The walk through Glen Mark prior to ascending Mount Keen was all fine and good - the walk back again after the descent rather less so! The section between Invermark and the foot of Mount Keen is a long flat path, probably just a couple of miles, but coming back it feels more like 10. Still, there are some great hills around the Glen to marvel at.

As this was a sunny day on a Bank Holiday Monday, there were a good few walkers ascending Mount Keen. A mixture of seasoned walkers, wildlife spotters, mountain cyclists, and new mountain walkers such as myself. At the foot of the challenge, the Easter Burn glistened in the summer sunshine.

The climb up the Mount was a steady slog, but as long as one takes regular breaks and has brought enough water, there should be no complaints. As I approached the summit, I said hello to a couple of pensioners. I bet their GP loves them! At the summit itself there was a fantastic view, due to those bright blue skies.

Re: A Clear Day Up Mount Keen

PostPosted: Mon May 31, 2010 11:20 pm
by Alan S
Some good pictures there 8) i like the one of glen mark
I have read a few reports on this hill now and i fancy a crack at it this year