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A couple of good Glen Lyon Corbetts

A couple of good Glen Lyon Corbetts

Postby PeteR » Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:00 pm

Route description: Meall Buidhe and Sron a' Choire Chnapanich, Glen Lyon

Corbetts included on this walk: Meall Buidhe, Sron a'Choire Chnapanich

Date walked: 22/03/2015

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Having had a weekend off the hills due to parenting duties I thought I would post a quick report on my walk the previous weekend.

Having enjoyed superb walking on Streap I was surprisingly downbeat when it came to this particular weekend. I couldn’t decide what the weather wanted to do on the Sunday (nor could it from what I could tell reviewing MWIS and the Met office sites :roll:).

It was MrsR who encouraged me to get out though. My destination was a late choice – the two Glen Lyon Corbetts of Meal Bhuidhe and Sron a’Choire Cnapanaich. Now let’s be clear, these are two hills that wouldn’t win any beauty contest given their somewhat “grassy lump” nature :lol:

It was overcast, cold and windy as I pulled up on the grass verge just passed Pubil. I wasn’t holding out a great deal of hope for these two. My mind had images of a bog ridden walk, but as I was to discover it wasn’t too bad in truth :wink: :D

ImageP1150719 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

The initial landrover track gave a good, short, section to warm up the legs, while offering some nice views of the Dam as well as back down Glen Lyon toward the Lawers group!!!!! The views ahead of me toward Beinn Mhanach and Beinn a‘Chreachain looked like they would be pretty special on a better day. As it was the cloud was hanging around the tops, even though I was hopeful things might brighten up later.

ImageP1150730 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150732 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150739 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

The short walk along the track had to end though. Just passed a gate and dry stone wall. It was now time to climb :shock: It looked like a steep climb :shock: It was a steep climb :shock: I huffed and puffed :lol: I stopped and started :lol: I looked for plenty of opportunities to take photos (so that I could stop :lol:).

ImageP1150743 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150744 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

Eventually I got to less severe ground, as my route veered to the left over now slightly boggy, but still rising, ground. In truth fitter people than me would make easy work of this initial, steep, climb. But I tend to make hard work of these steep bits. It’s part pacing and part mentality. I need to work on my pacing on steep sections. I’d likely be no quicker getting up the steep bits, but consistency of pace would be a good thing I think in helping with overall stamina. In turn this would help my approach mentally – it can get inside my head sometimes, convincing me I’m climbing too slowly, which just adds to my “stop/start” style as I analyse perceived lack of progress :(

As it was though, and as is the case more often than not on my walks, I managed to complete this circuit within the WH “guide” times. I just think I could achieve the same, if better, results time wise if my pace and stamina was better.

ImageP1150749 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150759 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150763 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

Anyhow, back to the walk. I’m glad conditions weren’t really bad. I could easily imagine it would not be a good place to get lost in mist at this point. It’s all a bit lumpy, bumpy and nondescript. My first target looked almost embarrassed by its Corbett status. If you didn’t know it was a Corbett you might not give it a second glance :lol:

I followed a route skirting round Meall Phubaill and Creag a’Chaorainn before deciding to make a bee line for the line of fence posts I’d spied. They give a nice easy route up to the Corbett’s broad ridge – and there was even a trace of path forming alongside them :D

ImageP1150766 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150768 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150779 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150782 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

About this time I realised that I was not alone :shock:

ImageP1150785 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150787 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150790 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

Once on the broad, flat, ridge it was a nice easy walk following the fence post up to Meall Bhuidhe’s summit (funny how it’s the smaller cairn that marks the highest point :lol:). Views toward Beinn Sheasgarnaich and Creag Mhor had been improving all the while, as height was gained and the cloud broke up letting the sun shine through :D Now these views were at their peak :D

ImageP1150795 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150796 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150802 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150806 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150809 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150817 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

The views were also impressive over toward Beinn a’Chreachain and the surrounding hills :D

Rannoch Moor and the hills to the north were murky, but still gave me an impression of what they would have been on a clearer day – it looked like I was slap bang in the middle of the weather – sunshine and improving weather south, broody further north.

ImageP1150822 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150825 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150827 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

For me it was still windy and cold, so I quickly checked in with MrsR and set off toward my second target of the day – Sron a’Choire Cnapanaich :D

Despite appearing more shapely than Meall Bhuidhe this is another hill that seems almost embarrassed by its Corbett status, as it stood apologetically in front of its loftier Munro cousin Stuchd an Lochan.

There were large accumulations of snow covering the Feith Thalain, providing a continuous snow bridge down toward the peat hagged bealach that I was aiming for between Cnapanaich and Creag a’Chaorainn. The snow bridge certainly helped speed my travel in the initial stages, although I was always aware there was a burn flowing beneath me should the snow collapse :shock: Eventually, as the gap narrowed I looked to gain a bit of height on the right of the burn and get off the snow. In truth I didn’t head too high up, but was probably a bit higher than I needed to be as I headed toward the peat hags. Still, it was an easy enough drop down to ensure I avoided the hags.

ImageP1150852 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150858 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150863 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150871 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150881 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150882 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

I managed to skilfully avoid the worst of them by skirting to the left, but there was no avoiding them completely. Luckily the snow that was collected in some of them eased my passage. Once passed the worst a quick zip to my right and I was back to following fence posts up to my second summit………but not before an ever so short and easy detour to take in some views.

The main prize at this summit is won by dropping off the hill slightly for the view of Loch an Diamh 8) I’ll let the photos do the talking :D

ImageP1150888 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150889 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

ImageP1150894 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

I was surprised by the size of the cornice that was clinging to the cliff edge of Cnapanaich. Far bigger than I had expected to see, and with signs of collapse appearing to be imminent :shock:

After soaking up the views and clocking in with Mrs R again, I was off. Initially I followed the fence posts off the hill. What a contrast to the weekend before and my struggles off the steep ridge of Streap Comlaidh. By comparison this was easy street :D

ImageP1150923 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

At some hags I decided to leave the comfort of the fence line and instead head to my right and the Allt Phibuill that ran down into Glen Lyon. In no time at all I was on the landrover track and headed easily back to the car.

ImageP1150933 by Riedel2012, on Flickr

And there endeth yet another good day in the hills :D :D
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Re: A couple of good Glen Lyon Corbetts

Postby Collaciotach » Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:21 pm

Sometimes you just gotta go for it :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Re: A couple of good Glen Lyon Corbetts

Postby basscadet » Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:39 pm

Oh that looked like a fine jaunt in my favourite part of the world.. :D Quite jealous really :lol:
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Re: A couple of good Glen Lyon Corbetts

Postby Beaner001 » Tue Mar 31, 2015 1:13 pm

What views Pete, lovely pics, my dad went into the Munro Beinn Mhanach from there last week and enjoyed it :D :clap:
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