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Moving targets?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 4:33 pm
by Jaywizz
When I read Lightfoot2017's post about 'targets for 2015', I had already set mine - 4 x Sub 2Ks a month - and then gradually increase as my fitness improved. Certainly not worth posting publicly - and indeed, I wouldn't have posted it now but for much encouragement that the targets are well and truly moving - hence this Sub 2K walk.
In January I reached the original target, added a couple more in February, then a couple of days ago, looking at my walk stats for March, realised that I was just short of 50 km walked over hills in the month - another target!
WH map 1.jpg

So it was, despite indifferent weather forecast, I set out from Braeval carpark (in light drizzle and complete waterproofs). I followed the forest roads to the viewpoint, passing the point of what would be my return track at NN 538014. The view must be superb on a good day - but not today.
WH Ben Ledi.JPG
Looking north across Loch Venacher towards Ben Ledi

Through the small gate and on to the open hill, the ground was fairly unpleasant - some wet snow and deep heather. Not much sign of a path until I reached the slightly lower ground at NN 543019. From there it was an easy hop on a well-walked path to the summit.
WH Lake of Menteith.JPG
South east to the Lake of Menteith

Return route was much easier. After returning to the lower ground, I followed the stream south-west, first on the right bank, but then picking up a good path on the left bank, through the gate at the edge of the forest, back to the track, then retracing my footsteps to the carpark.
A satisfying walk, and yes, it took me over 50 km on the hills this month. Also extremely pleased to have improved from '4 x Sub 2Ks' a month to 1 Graham, 3 Donalds and 5 Sub 2Ks. For those compleatists who look down (in several ways!) on anything less, I promise you these smaller hills can be extremely rewarding.
(Not sure what my target will be for April?)