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Corse Hill

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 6:01 pm
by rob munbett
This is not at all a scenic walk: the route goes through conifer forestry plantations and a windfarm. However, the way is made easy by the use of the access roads. Since this hill is very near my home, I decided that, after a morning in the garden, I should enjoy my lunch with a view. I parked at the side of a minor road south of Eaglesham near Carrot at NS578483 and headed off down the private road (left fork). After about 20 metres, I came to a green sign directing me across a field, on a path which dropped down to cross a stream. This section was very wet and muddy even after the recent dry spell.
The parking place
Sign for the path across the field
Once through a gate, I reached a good forest road which led up to a another gate with a style. Once over this, the road wound uphill until reaching Dickman's Glen on the left.
Dickman's Glen
From here I just followed the road, first straight on then veering right to reach a junction where I turned left and followed another road which led uphill to the summit of Corse Hill. A boulder-edged track turned back on itself to reach a fenced-off area and trig point. This was right next to one of the huge wind-turbines and from the top I could see the full extent of the windfarm.
The summit trig and 'scenery'
It was ugly, yes, but quite hypnotic watching the giant blades revolving in sync. I had my lunch looking north over the expanse of Glasgow towards the Campsies and Ben Lomond.
The view over Glasgow to the Campsies
I made a fast descent by the route up and was back at the car in about 25 minutes.

Re: Corse Hill

PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 12:49 pm
by rockhopper
a nice walk, rob :thumbup: it's also my local but haven't been up here for years :roll: - cheers :)