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Hoping for a sunset

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:28 am
by ancancha

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Couldn't face another afternoon in the chair in front of the screen so even though time was really getting on I thought well it's more or less solstice, so it's not really going to get dark anyway.
Where can I go :think:
Looking at the blue and red dots I realise there are actually a lot of Munros in what I am now terming the lower eastern sector that I still haven't done.
E.G. Mount Keen :!:
Quickly packed the bike in the car and the ruck sack with the essentials, I could get a sandwich on the way, duly stopped at Edzell and collected a Tuna and Cucumber sandwich, a packet of ready salted crisps and a sultana and cherry cake :D
Took me longer than I'd thought to get to the car park start, but not long to get the bike out and put the ruck sack on. Met a couple of walkers at the far entrance to the car park who glowered at me on the bike, oh well. Cycled past the church

Mount Keen church.jpg

and on to take a quick look at the bridge and flood prevention device I assume

Mount Keen flood prevention.jpg

Then back and the path to Mount Keen is sign posted. Not long before I met another more friendly couple who wished me a pleasant cycle. And it is pretty pleasant with a nice path

Mount Keen path in.jpg

Didn't take long to get to the first landmark

Mount Keen fiendish device.jpg

where I very briefly chatted to a couple on their way back and asked if the path I was seeing just beyond the Queens Well was the way to Mount Keen :?: They confirmed it was and I set off and waved at yet another couple of walkers making their way back, busy place :!:

Mount Keen path up ladder burn.jpg

Just before the ford a small bird tried quite hard to pose and get it's photo taken, but I didn't manage to get a focus on it

Mount Keen ford at cottage.jpg

The wee bird was persistent though and eventually I got what I considered to be it's best side; it did turn both sides for alternate shots :lol:

Mount Keen small bird.jpg

Crossed the stream again via the substantial cattle grid

Mount Keen cattle grid crossing.jpg

and continued up taking in the view of Craig o'Doune which looks no where near as impressive as this on Google earth

Mount Keen craig o doune.jpg

It dominates the head of the Glen.

Onwards and upwards, pushing mainly towards the hairpin. I was hoping it would get a little easier from then on, I was sweating and panting :!: Wonder if there's a swimming pool up there :think:

A first view of Mount Keen

Mount Keen first view.jpg

Got to the hairpin and cycled the next short stretch, but then it was pushing for a bit further, fit younger people would probably manage to cycle the whole way up. A view back down from the hairpin

Mount Keen view back down ladder burn.jpg

Pushed and cycled to the top of the next rise and a big cairn and a bigger view of Mount Keen

Mount Keen view from cairn.jpg

It is a pleasant evening and the sky is shaping up nicely, and I'm hoping for a creamy yellow sunset

Mount Keen sky back.jpg

although at this stage it is softer blues and hints of pink amongst the grey.

Another cairn and a few deer on the horizon

Mount Keen deer cairn.jpg

and some more pink in the grey clouds, and just a hint of creamy yellow 8)

There's a slight fork in the track, but there's no mistaking which is the right path. It's a very well made path leading directly to Mount Keen

Mount Keen last path leg.jpg

It doesn't take long to get to the bottom of the first stair case, the sat nav says I've still got 600m to go :?: and yet it looks like it's only a few 10s of m away :?:
Anyway parked the bike and up the stair case and onto another section of finely graveled path and another stair case and another section of finely graveled path etc. not to long to the summit cairn though

Mount Keen summit.jpg

I had planned to do supper, but it's rocky up here, a bit chilly as the breeze has picked up and I'd prefer to get down to the flat track while there is still good daylight, so a couple of holiday snaps.

Looking Northish along the summit ridge

Mount Keen north down summit.jpg

Looking Southish along the summit ridge

Mount Keen south down summit.jpg

and I'm on my way back down past the stone with the letter B :?:

Mount Keen B.jpg

Tuna and cucumber sandwich and a packet of crisps can wait till I get back to the car, but there will be no reprieve for the sultana and cherry cake :lol: or at least a couple of bites out of it.

Mount Keen cheery cake.jpg

Left the bottom of the lower stair case at 10:15pm and was back at the car at 10:58pm :D

Mount Keen dark car park.jpg

Not quite the sunset I was hoping for, but another very pleasant evening 8)

Re: Hoping for a sunset

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 7:27 pm
by Fife Flyer
Nice report, never thought about taking my bike.

Sultana & cherry cake sounds right up my street - yum :lol:

Shame you didn't get a decent sunset, the joys of our great Scottish weather :roll:

Re: Hoping for a sunset

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 6:55 pm
by ancancha
Fife Flyer wrote:Nice report, never thought about taking my bike.

Sultana & cherry cake sounds right up my street - yum :lol:

Shame you didn't get a decent sunset, the joys of our great Scottish weather :roll:

Meant to reply to this one as you said elsewhere you had a sore knee.
Sultana and cherry cake was yum :!:
Bike down the track was a lot of fun :lol:
I used to get an excruciatingly sore left knee from time to time. Turned out to be a posture issue, I still feel it coming on occasionally, but just adjust my posture and it vanishes :D