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All clagged up!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:14 pm
by Borderhugh
After an overnight camp next to the Glen Orchy river set off at 6.30am from the station. Had to get a move on to avoid the squadron of midges which were making up for lost time. Decided to wear my winter boots as I was expecting it be to wet and boggy underfoot. Turned out to be a good call! Sadly the MWIS forecast was not accurate.

It felt very muggy on the way up to the bealach and I was glad to be shot of the midges.

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2015-06-13 06.23.36.jpg
1st target of the day. Looking up to the bealach

2015-06-13 08.27.17.jpg
Me at the Summit of Beinn Doran

Made good progress up to the Beinn Doran. Sadly it was uberclagged and I didnt get those great views of the A82.

Decision time. Do I continue or do I jump ship? Given that I am doing this bagging lark from London - not a cheap exercise, nae chance of ducking out.

Managed to choose a nice steep route off Meall Garbh which chewed up valuable time.

2015-06-13 09.18.32.jpg
Looking across to the steep sides of Beinn nam Fuaran

2015-06-13 09.41.35.jpg
Contouring beside the lovely Allt a Coire Ghathalach

2015-06-13 09.47.39.jpg
Looking down the valley to Allt a Chuirn

2015-06-13 11.22.42.jpg
Obligatory selfie at the summit of Ben Mhanach

Just as I contoured around the bottom of the steep Beinn a Chuirn the drizzle started.

The route up to Ben Mhanach felt like a chore. A lot of up and down.

Took me a while to descend and ascend up to Meall Bhuide. Was glad to reach the bealach and time for some ridge walking. Made good time to Beinn a Chreachain. On return I decided to follow the sheep track below Meall Bhuide, thinking it was a by-pass, but this ends suddenly. Not recommended.

2015-06-13 13.46.42.jpg
Summit of Beinn a Chreachain. Still no views!

By the time I got to the ascent of Beinn Achaladair I was soaked thru and both my phone and Satmap GPS were not playing ball. In fact my GPS had died.

2015-06-13 14.33.58.jpg
The start of the ascent/scramble up to Beinn Achaladair

Didnt hang around on Beinn Achaladair. I was feeling pretty whacked on the ascent of Beinn an Dothaidh. Thankfully the 2 summit cairns came quickly and my compass came in handy getting me back to the bealach.

The waterfalls coming down Beinn Doran were by now in full force/impressive and the path way down from Coire an Dothaidh had changed in character in just a matter of hours into a real bog.

Boy, was I grateful to get to the car and a change of clothes. As I was changing the train pulled in. I think they got a bit more than they bargained for as I hastedly attempted to get dressed. :shock:

By all accounts I will need to revisit Beinn an Dothaidh and Beinn Achaladair again sometime when this bagging lark is over to get the views!

Re: All clagged up!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 10:32 pm
by Alteknacker
Caught up with this one somewhat belatedly. Perhaps I missed it as a result of my previous lukewarm enthusiasm for these hills.

Tough to do in clag and rain - I guess it's what might be termed "character building"; but boy you cracked on! I think you're going to have to relinquish any pretensions to the Cap'n Slow title :D .