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Lost in the gloom

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:23 pm
by Gleneagle5
Never trust BBc Judith again! She said that it would clear up by mid-day, the sun would come out and the rain would go away-but it didnt and I got soaked and lost. Still it was a good walk. Having done Beinn Ghlas and Lawers the previous week I wanted to do Meall Corranaich and meall a Choire Leith so given the aforesaid nod from Judith set off early and reached the car park area at the cairn before 9.00am. It was very gloomy with visibility about 60-70 yds with a persistent smirr of rain but I headed off and crossed much bog before reaching the very welcome fenceposts, Followed them up until they ran out. Visibility even poorer now so relied on the compass to go in a generally eastern direction. I realised eventually that I was going downhill(fast) and had a rethink, turned around and headed upwards into the gloom. By this time I realised that I needed to find the summit as I had no idea how to get off. Then came upon a fairly well trodden path that led eventually to the summit with the bits of fenceposts on the cairn. Good walk pity about the views.
Stage two was to head North for Leith and it seemed to be going well. I seemed to be following my directions ok and going along the edge of the crags and there was a good path. Still no visibilty, still raining and it was afternoon already. I was enjoying the walk though. At last the path came to a steep climb which went on and on and up and up. After a while I thought this cant be Leith and when I reached the top I was right-their was the trig point and the wee stone thing alongside. Ben Lawers! So the return in the gloom was ok-back down and onto the path that skirts Ghlass and erring on the side of caution, even though visibilty was improving gradually, walked all the way to the NTS Lawers carpark.
Now the car is 3 miles away at the cairn and the place was pretty deserted. However, after about 10 minutes a Range Rover stopped and a very nice couple from South of the border gave me a most welcome ride to the cairn. Wonderful people. So I learned a few things today and thats no bad thing