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Glen Lyon - access update

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:52 am
by munrorunner
A quick update for walkers regarding the access - further to previous 2 reports this year.

Access is still the temporary path from the road. From the car park head west along the road about 25m after the phone box and just after the houses. It is signed for "Lint Mill" but don't go looking for a Lint Mill. It's an historic building that is hidden up the path in the woodlands.

Up through the woodlands there are 2 styles to cross over high deer fence. The styles don't have hand holds, however you may find the gate is not locked so you go through the gate and close it behind.

Upon exiting the wood you arrive at the hydro works. There is a dirt track. If you want to do the circuit in anti-close direction you need to turn RIGHT down the dirt track. Then you can locate the path going up the hill on your left. I made the mistake of looking for it going left and ended up heading up the thick heather to reach the path.

If you do go left when exiting the wood then the dirt track continues alongside the river. It crosses a temporary vehicle bridge and then comes to an end where you can cross a crude food bridge to pick up the Clockwise route.

Other notes:
The entire circuit took around 3hrs 20mins - easy run speed.
Midges were present in numbers at car park.
It had been raining heavily but the route was fairly good underfoot and certainly not a typical boggy mountain.