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Beinns Mhor & Bheag Cowal with bike

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:06 pm
by m3doc
Started at Forestry Commission Offices car park (toilets) at Glenbranter. Biked straight up good forestry road ignoring Glen Shellish Farm, passing a few houses and a small car park on right with a steeper section (they are called push-bikes for a reason!) and ignoring Cowal Way sign, keep going straight up past a quarry then after Glen Shellish loop junction, a lay-by with Creag Tharsuinn start track, up and round to left to reach almost Bealach Bernice at end of forestry road not shown on 1:50,000 map but on 1:25,000 after 4.15 miles and 400m ascent in 1 hour 15 minutes. Forest felled here so took ATV track up to deer fence then onto grassy north ridge of Beinn Mhor following fence near trig point top 741m (400m from Bealach). Descended north to Bealach and steeply up grass by edge of forest over Meall Breac to Beinn Bheag's top 618m (300m ascent) with small spiky cairn (contrary to Dempster) perched above crags overlooking Loch Eck. I lost my iphone 4s on way back down from the top amongst the clumpy grass and in spite of returning the following 2 days was unable to locate it (no signal below the top to use Find my iphone app). Biked back to car in 25 minutes.
Note these 2 Grahams could easily have Creag Tharsiunn added by my approach route - see my walk report for it.