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Eaval (North Uist) -

PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:47 pm
by AlexSkye
We had hoped to climb Eaval during our on Benbeula this week. Unfortunately we hadn't checked the tide times, and the stepping stones were mostly covered by fast flowing water. We didn't want to be defeated so we returned four hours later during low tide. Although a few more stones were uncovered, it was still impossible to cross. I can only guess that previous heavy rain had raised the water level at the stepping stones.

It might have been passable if wading through bare foot, but the water was flowing so quickly that it would have been risky. It's a shame because it looks like a fantastic walk.

Looking at the map (and with a bit of help from google), it might be possible to walk from Cladach Chairinis and approach the base from the opposite direction.

We were probably just very unlucky on the day, but I thought it would be best to advise that the walk might not always be possible. Hopefully I'll get another chance another year!