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Corbett bashing on Skye Day 2

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:02 pm
by tall-story
Well here I am again with day 2 of my wee adventure into the hills of Skye :) Day 2 started a bit earlier than originally planned :( this was mainly due firstly to a drizzle at 4 in the morning and then followed by a truck passing the Sligachan with what sounded like it was missing its exhaust ! So I lay for a wee while but soon gave up on getting anymore sleep, so I got shifted and was packed and ready to leave at around 530am :roll: So I got away from the camp site and along the road a wee bit got parked up and sorted some breakfast and was on my way at 6am :wink:
The Glamaig Horseshoe (2).JPG
Let the day begin :-)

The day was forecast to be fairly good but at this time of day it sure didn't look like it was going to be nice at all. The midges were mad keen so there was no time for stalling I just had to keep ahead of the wee rascals ! My route was going to be a horseshoe taking me Via Beinn Dearg Mheadonach ,Beinn Dearg Mhor and on to the summit of Sgurr Mhair (Glamaig) back to the car at Sligachan. I started at the smaller of the two bridges near the Sligachan and followed the well marked path up the side of the Allt Daraich and going through the wee gate on your left and just keep following the path as it climbs up the shoulder of Beinn Dearg Mheadonach which is quite a climb but does have a few good view points for rests and photo opportunities :)
The Glamaig Horseshoe (8).JPG
Wee Jura with Marsco in the background.
The Glamaig Horseshoe (14).JPG
429mts at cairn sron a Bhealain our first stop.
So on wards and upwards I went and the day was getting better and better as I went although the cloud was hanging well onto Cuillins so no great photo opportunities on that side of the hills :(
The Glamaig Horseshoe (23).JPG
Beinn Dearg Cairn
but as I got higher onto Beinn Dearg Mheadonach the views were starting to get better and better Although it was a bit hazy this kind of added a bit to the views.
The Glamaig Horseshoe (40).JPG
Beinn Dearg Mheadonach summit.

I was now on the summit of Beinn Dearg Mheadonach looking out over Loch Ainort towards the Skye bridge via the Red Cuillin :) What a place for a breakfast stop,
The Glamaig Horseshoe (39).JPG
Ohh the views :-)
as it was just gone 8am this was the thing to do. While stopped I had a chance to look at where I was walking the rest of the day and it looked steep as **** :crazy:
The Glamaig Horseshoe (27).JPG
Beinn Dearg Mhor and Glamaig

So refuelled and ready to go I about turned and retraced my steps back to the cairn on Beinn Dearg then following the obvious ridge on to Beinn Dearg Mhor, which is quite steep but has got a very well used path to follow. Very soon I was on the summit of Beinn Dearg Mhor and the views were just getting better and better (still no Cuillin vews though) Coming off Beinn Dearg Mhor you get some view of Glamaig and if you are anything like me you will wonder how you are going to get up the scree on to the summit of Glamaig :crazy:
The Glamaig Horseshoe (44).JPG
A wee pano of Glamaig
The Glamaig Horseshoe (52).JPG
Glamaig and the scree!!
On we went off the end of Beinn Dearg Mhor following the fairly obvious paths down the scree to Bealach na Sgairde take care going down these screes as it is pretty steep , one good thing from my point of view was it was a sticky kind of scree rather than the usual dry stuff which runs away with you which helps your footings. The next move, climbing the screes up Sgurr Mhair was a bit daunting at first but it was quite amazing just how easy it actually was :) Not for wee Jura
The Glamaig Horseshoe (59).JPG
A very tired Jura on the scree slopes of Glamaig
It took me about 40mins from the bealach to the summit which was way quicker than I thought it would be :wink: The views at the summit were pretty good If a bit hazy,
The Glamaig Horseshoe (64).JPG
Summit pose on Sgurr Mhair (Glamaig)
a few photos later and of I went again retracing my steps back to the bealach where I had just came from (10 mins to get down) then I took a right turn heading for Teanga Mhor
The Glamaig Horseshoe (73).JPG
Looking back to Bealach na Sgairde from Teanga Mhor with the path from the bealach clearly visible
then following this ridge down you will come to corrie na sgardie and an old deer fence which you could follow (keeping to the left side of the Allt Dairach) to take you back to the main path out, but I opted to go west for about 1km which was abit wet in places but not overly so and eventually found the path which I had taken on my way in this morning. As I have said it is a bit wet in places but you do have some great looking pools below water falls, and if its your thing I`m sure would make a great place for a wee dook just to cool off :roll:
The Glamaig Horseshoe (77).JPG
Skinny dip pool 1
The Glamaig Horseshoe (78).JPG
Skinny dip pool 2
15-20mins from here and that's you back at the start and the end of another wee adventure into the hills.
The Glamaig Horseshoe (79).JPG
Glamaig on the left then Beinn Dearg Mhor and Beinn Dearg Mheadonach on the right.
The Glamaig Horseshoe (83).JPG
As good as it got with a view to the Cuillin :-(
The Glamaig Horseshoe (85).JPG
The Stats for the day.
This all took me 6.5hrs which at the time seemed hard work but in reality it was a pretty fair time for a great walk with some pretty fine views :clap:

Re: Corbett bashing on Skye Day 2

PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 12:00 pm
by BlackPanther
It's a superb route. I admit, we never completed this group in one go, but did different combinations three times already, and I'd love to visit them again :D Glamaig is a gem in winter conditions.

Most folks when on Skye, rush for the Black Cuillin ridge and forget the lower hills, but the reds are so much fun and just as steep in places! I remember me & Kev racing up the final slope of Beinn Dearg Mhor, just to test ourselves, how fit we were... I won... and almost collapsed on the summit :lol: :lol:

Wee Jura looks happy posing with views!