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Peace and quiet on Deuchary Hill

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 6:57 pm
by superstar_tradesman
Looking for another quiet Sunday solo walk, and while I'd been orienteering plenty times near Deuchary Hill, I'd never been up it. I knew it would be a good dose of heather and crags, so wanted to make a circuit of it rather than an out-and-back from Dunkeld.

So it seemed the best option was to park off the A923 at the north tip of Loch of Craiglush, at the end of a signposted track to Mill Dam. I followed that track up through Drumbuie Wood, skirting E of The Glack and their new electric fence, and turned right at the track junction at Mill Dam. Then N, up another pretty good track, turning right (E) on another rougher track up towards Deuchary Hill.

2015-09-13 14.32.12 small.jpg
The path NE from Mill Dam towards Deuchary Hill

I hadn't read in advance to see if there was a path to the top, and I didn't fancy the crags and trees of the direct ascent, so left the track at NO036479 and headed NW up a faint path up a wee valley; then climbed NE to emerge above the beautiful Lochan na Beinne.

2015-09-13 14.53.35 small.jpg
Lochan na Beinne

I headed up over a rise, descended briefly to cross a boggy pass, then up through trees, more steeply, picking my way through crags, down another unexpected descent, then the final pull to the trig point. A tough wee hill, but with brilliant views (mountains and moors to the north (hi Schiehallion!); fields and farms to the south).

2015-09-13 15.06.04 small.jpg
Perthshire roll-call! Lawers group, Carn Mairg, Schiehallion and the Farragon hills from the summit.

As I left the summit, I found…a path! I followed it down for a bit, and it looked like it must meet the track just after I left it. But I branched E, down the E ridge then the orienteer in me kicked in and I dropped steeply south through trees and scree and bracken to meet the track from Mill Dam again, just before a gate.

This continued E, downhill towards Grewshill farm, to meet the tarmac road from Riemore Lodge. I followed that road S only as long as I had to, then climbed an old rusty gate and headed S on a much nicer, softer track, which gradually became wider as it headed towards Over Cardney Farm. Then past loads of pheasants and ducks, through Knowehead and its fishing pond and lawns, and back down a tarmac road to the A923. The last km or so was hopping from one verge to another to avoid traffic, but it didn't spoil a really good and tougher than expected circuit, with only a couple of spots of rain.