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5 Sisters of Kintail

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:58 pm
by thand
A cracking last "winter" walk with Jen on 2 May.

We met up at Tesco's Inverness before heading down Loch Ness and the Skye Road all the way to Inversheil. Dropping Jen's car there I drove us back to the start car park underneath An Lapan.

Suited and booted it's not a sluggish climb and the steepness certainly gets the blood flowing.

Looking down as you climb the cars quickly become small and a view of the South Sheil and Forcan ridges appears.

Once up at the Bealach we were in snow. We'd gone with summer boots and ice axes which was an ideal choice.

Looking east it was so tempting to just dart up and bag Saileag, but sense prevailed an we set off towards the Sisters.



The snow wasn't too bad but was fairly powdery in places which was sapping my strength after the initial climb and it seemed to take us a while to reach the first sister (Sgurr nan Spainteach).

Up and over this one the three munros looked tough but it actualy wasn;t too long before we were up on our first munro, Sgurr nan Ciste Duibhe.

The view from here was great looking over to the other munros

Next we headed over to Sgurr Fhuaran before stopping for food above the cliffs. Then not too hard a climb up to Sgurr nan Saighead.

This hill had been sheltering the rest fo the ridge as on top the wind was whipping and there was some spin drift.

We could now for the first time also see the rest of the ridge which looked pretty challenging with plenty of undulation.

The descent was quite shaky as the powder had all gathered down the northwest face and was nearly waist deep while the slope ws very steep, but once we we onto Beinn Bhuidhe the going was fine.

All too soon we dropped down to the stream which led us to a fine path leading us out to Inversheil.

Great day in the last of the snow.