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Glen Kinglas. A Walk on the South Side.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:55 pm
by JimboJim
Having done the hike from Cairndow along the ridge to Binnein an Fhidhleir and Stob Coire Creagach, I was keen to do the same on the south side of the glen, as I knew it would give me some good views and be a novel way to tackle Beinn an Lochain, which is no mean hill, either. Started off from the rough car park, just in from Dunoon road-end. I think most folk go in from Hell’s Glen. Chose a smooth looking bit up by a burn, where trees have been cut.
Kinglas 228_1024_768.JPG
Took route up left hand side of this burn. Steep, but reasonably good going, just now.
Kinglas 006_1024_695.JPG
Beinn an Lochain through the mist.
Kinglas 010_1024_767.JPG
Heading through the mushy stuff, for ridge to Stob an Eas.

Bit steep, but not too bad. Then a bit boggy where it levels off before getting onto ridge to the summit. Nice views to Lochgoilhead, the Clyde and Inveraray.
Kinglas 026_1024_665.JPG
The Royal Burgh of Inveraray.
Kinglas 039_1024_695.JPG
Looking down to Lochgoilhead.
Kinglas 050_1024_689.JPG
Inveraray Castle.
Kinglas 055_1024_695.JPG
Cobbler still in morning mist.

Headed back north east, back down this ridge, then east to Beinn an t-Seilich, which consists of a lot of shelf like drops. Might be a bit hazardous in poor vis? Could hear plenty deer, ‘enjoying’ the rut and was fortunate to find a stag sunning himself and got good video of another chasing some hinds.
Kinglas 100_991_768.JPG
An eight pointer!
Kinglas 134_1024_660.JPG
Way down the Clyde.
Kinglas 137_1024_654.JPG
Through to Ben Lomond, between Narnian and The Cobbler.
Kinglas 142_1024_650.JPG
Ben Lui, Ben Oss and Beinn Dubhchraig.
Kinglas 144_1024_703.JPG
Looking back to Stob an Eas on far ridge, with Inveraray in the distance.
Kinglas 152_1024_662.JPG
The Arrochar Alps.

There’s a surprising drop in height, before tackling Beinn an Lochain. Looked like a slightly easier traverse round to the south might be an option, but I chose just to see how I got on with a frontal assault. It was a bit steep in places, but not too bad. Surprised a couple on the summit, by appearing from that side. Took a few photo’s, then made my way down traditional route, down to Butterbridge, then back along the Old Military Road. Took 6.25 hrs, but I reckon could have shaved off half an hour, had I not been taking so many snaps.
Kinglas 085_1024_723.JPG
Plenty to drop down before ascent of Beinn an Lochain.
Kinglas 154_1024_768.JPG
Kinglas 168_1024_732.JPG
Loch Restil and The Cobbler.
Kinglas 178_1024_674.JPG
Looking back along the A83, Glen Kinglas, over to Binnein an Fhidhleir.
Kinglas 196_1024_768.JPG
Loch Restil, Ben Donich and The Brack.
Kinglas 153_1024_659.JPG
Looking down on new road arrangements, at the Rest & Be Thankful. Spaghetti Junction :)

Also, paid a quick visit to The Tinker's Heart, while I was in the vicinity. Interesting, though not a great deal to see.
Kinglas 236_1024_768.JPG
The Tinker's Heart.