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Ben Nevis on Remembrance Day

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:58 am
by Sunset tripper
I did this walk a year ago to the day. Ben Nevis is a hill I climb every year and this year I left it a bit late but with a good forecast I left Inverness early on the 11th of November 2014 - Remembrance Day and headed off en route to Fort William. It was just starting to brighten up as I reached Loch Tarff.
20141109_075320 (640x480).jpg

I stopped at the commando memorial near Spean Bridge. A place that I have stopped at many times. A few family members have served in the marines this is a great place to stop and also a great viewpoint.
20141109_082923 (640x480).jpg

I soon arrived in the main Ben Nevis Car park and was surprised there was not a single car there. The pony track or mountain track is not my favourite way up the Ben but today I thought it would be fairly quiet as I knew there was snow on the path higher up.
From low on the path looking towards the mamores.
20141109_092231 (640x480).jpg

Almost a Brocken Spectre
20141109_091739 (1) (640x480).jpg

Further up the path looking back.
20141109_093911 (640x480).jpg

It looked like a river of fog running down Glen Nevis.
20141109_093924 (640x480).jpg

I met the snow at round about 1000 metres but it was thin and fairly easy going all the way to the top. The conditions were perfect and if I had left earlier would have been a great day for the CMD.
Nearly there.
20141109_113957 (640x480).jpg

Near the edge :shock:
20141109_123420 (640x480).jpg

Tower Ridge :shock:
20141109_121053 (640x431).jpg

The war memorial
20141109_120530 (640x480).jpg

I was pottering about the top quite happy to be the highest person out of about 60 million. Then the conditions started to change.
20141109_123347 (640x480).jpg

The wind had picked up and the cloud had moved in. The path was hard to follow and I could no longer see the big navigation cairns. Things can change quickly up here :shock:
20141109_123527 (640x480).jpg

But it soon blew over and I made my way down in what was once again perfect conditions.
20141109_113309 (640x481).jpg

I only met 9 or 10 people on the path the whole day which surprised me a bit. A great day but its still a long way down :(

Back at the car park in Glen Nevis there is another poignant memorial
20141109_150100 (640x480).jpg

Re: Ben Nevis on Remembrance Day

PostPosted: Thu Nov 12, 2015 10:03 pm
by Silverhill
Stunning pictures, particularly of the mist streaming down Glen Nevis. It’s very unusual to have the summit to yourself on Ben Nevis. :shock: :D