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Stuchd an Lochain on Monday morning. (as you do)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:09 pm
by Faction54
When i got dragged up out of bed the morning i climbed Stuchd an Lochain, the world was being watched through half closed eyes, so everything seemed smaller, even the hill we were about to hike up. When we were halfway up, and i was having severe problemos with my new boots, the hill seemed to have grown. :(
as we drew level with the first hill, i was wondering whether we were conquering everest by mistake...
At the top, we discovered the camera was nowhere to be seen, so no pictures for us :roll:. Next up on my list of displeasures was a steep downhill scramble. (i dont like downhill, hurts me feet). Last and least was a bog. Big bog. 2 miles of pure mud and water and lochside stones. Choose between a bog or a stony beach which slows your progress down by half. I had never been so relieved when i got back to the car. So why was i smiling?
Oh, the joys of the hills...