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Glen Tanar

PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:02 am
by RicKamila
Our second attempt at a walk in the Scottish Countryside. We came to Glen Tanar not knowing what to expect and chose the Old Pine walk. Walking past the paddocks, we were watched by the inquistive cows as we had a look around the old church. Heading up through the pine forest, we got to the Knockie Viewpoint and were treated to a wonderful view of the surrounding hills. Heading down the path from the viewpoint, and almost falling over due to the steepness a few times, we carried on to the bridges that cross the Waters of Tanar. It was here we discovered that the flies were going to be a nuisance on these walks.

Heading back along the other side of the stream, we past a derlict shed and the lovely Trout Loch with it's full grown trout jumping out of the water and trying to avoid being caught by the anglers. Heading back to the car park, we past the same farms again and felt really good for what we had just completed.

Rating: 7/10.